Friday, September 01, 2006

50 Today!!

My little sister is now 50. Half a century. The fact that I am older is irrelevant. Today has been another stunning day, and we all went to Eienwaldli for an early lunch together, while Anita came and decorated the house with helium filled balloons, and messages we had all written for her. We had fun with the helium too. I think it must be a second or third childhood.

Talking about lunch.... the restaurant helpfully informed us that they had english menus as well, so I had a look. I was about to order a schwein schnitzel. Pork schnitzel, as we all know. Then I saw the translation. Pig scraps, breaded. We fell about. I absolutely refused to eat pig scraps, breaded or not. Marge had a large cordon bleu of the pig. We kept gazing off into space then muttering pig scraps... breaded!

Marge and Peter walked back with the dogs while Mum, David and I came back to help Anita with the decorations, and she and Tony also brought the garden arbour Marge had wanted, which they bought together with Peter for her. Toni has been assembling it at the Bellevue for the past week. He did mention at one point that they should put it all back in the box and wrap it up for Marge to put together. It was beautifully decorated, and the cakes were out, and glasses ready to celebrate. Anita did a great job. Marge was delighted with it all.

Her friends popped in all afternoon, and we sat in the garden while the babes played. Here she is with Anita in the arbour thing. That balloon, by the way, was one of 2 Anita put in the arbour from her and from Peter. Peter's one took off almost immediately without Anita noticing, and then the other one flew away too. It went straight up and over the mountain, and we could see it for ages. I think she has had a wonderful day, and she deserves it. She is a great sister. I am very lucky! ( She has been snoozing on the couch since 8pm.... a sign of age?)

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