Saturday, September 02, 2006

Home tomorrow

This was the view from the garden yesterday. Amazing, isn't it?? And that is exactly the colour of the sky.

I went out early this morning to see the sun rise over the mountain. So here it is, with a halo! De Hahnen used to be Engelberg (angel mountain) and there is apparently a move to rename it Engelberg. I think that would be perfect. The sun reflected in the clouds makes it even more beautiful. Can you see the angel wings?

Well, tomorrow we leave for home. I don't want to go , I freely admit, and those of you I speak to will know this. This is an incredible place, and being with my sister and her family (she laughed at that.... Peter and Nax) is just what we needed. Reality awaits. But, we need to start on the next phase of our lives now, and David has just one year of school left. So I will report in once we get home, and unpack, and do the washing, etc etc etc. My friends will be there. That will be good. And I have a zillion photos I can look at and remember the peace I find here. I will come back soon.

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Ginny said...

Welcome home. We in Kent have been enjoying your holiday with you. Many happy memories as well. This is my 5th attempt to message you. I hope I have cracked how to do it this time. Love Ginny and Barry