Saturday, September 23, 2006

I can grin again

What a difference a day makes. I am starting to feel vaguely human again, and the sun shone, so that always makes a difference. Hmmmm...... it could also have been the fact that it is the weekend. I like weekends.
David went to watch Matt play rugby with Peter this afternoon, and had a really good time, and saw quite a few friends there too. And I made a couple of trips to Louise's to feed the cat. It is always hungry. It seems to have done something to or on the new door mat carpet thing. Oops. I have never had a cat. I have no idea what they get up to, but this one is seriously put out that its parents have gone away. And it definitely yowls.
And I saw the babes as well, which is always great. Now that they are at playschool most days, their artwork is threatening to swamp the house, but they are so proud of it all, and they are starting to talk about the other children there, and it is hysterical. Miriam has new "staple icers" for her bike. Something she is very proud of. And Chris had his first experience of going off with friends to a party at McDonalds. Jackie was moping, as it was the first time one of the babes had gone out alone. They are growing up so quickly. I hardly saw Bekah, as she was on the computer playing a game. Now why does that seem familiar???

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