Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Out and about

I have whizzed all over town today. First in a lengthy pursuit of those bag things you put stuff into in the washing machine. I did not want my cardigans to stretch to 26ft wide. No-one in the first 4 shops knew what I was talking about. They clearly like 26ft cardigans. But I found them in the end, and can report happily that the cardigan is normal. Amazing how little it takes to keep me happy.
I also got to play with Freddie today. He is just gorgeous. I went to see what they need me to sew for his room, and then we went to Podington with Liz for lunch. I pushed the stroller round the garden centre, which was great fun. He loved the windmills and water features. Strollers have moved on from the McClaren striped buggies I had in my day.
What else........ after dropping Adele and Freddie, we went to Kettering to look for skirting board makers, and then stopped at her place to pick up the wood from her old cupboard for me to saw. It is better than stuff I can see in the shops. Then I popped in to see Louise, then Julia who is off to her daughter's wedding on Saturday, and home to sort the family before David went off to help at Crusaders. Jean popped in with rhubarb for Mum, and was very excited by my saw. I showed her how to cut shapes and she is planning "play time" soon. Louise also wants to try. Annette is home again after another 3 days in hospital and the kidney stone is still in place, so that is not wonderful. And we are expecting the tail end of the hurricane to arrive in the next 2 days, so it will be hot and very windy.

It was wonderful to do ordinary things today and to be able to keep the paperwork to a minimum for a change. I am going to be a slug tonight and veg out in front of the TV.

Oh yes, I meant to tell you about an amazing place to go and stay if you are thinking of going to the French Alps this winter. Check this out! It is not far from Geneva and belongs to friends of mine. Looks perfect to me!

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