Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Friends are one of life's greatest blessings. I am reminded more every day how amazing they are, and how they are there at times when you need them most. Not because they have to be, but because they choose to be. I am so thankful that I have always seemed to meet the right people..... the ones who stick, who have become lifelong friends. Someone reminded me the other day just how many of them have been standing alongside me. I am very lucky indeed. They are also the ones who love me enough to say stop when they need to, or who raise questions I may not want to hear. They are not going anywhere. True real friends, ones I can call at 2 in the morning. Some I have already called at 2. Sigh. Thank you all.

My daughter says I always sound so sad in my recent posts. I don't mean to. I can assure you I do not drag myself around looking like a prophet of doom all the time. I laugh, have fun, do weird things and heavens, I wish I was in New Zealand, where I am supposed to be right now. I should have arrived at the start of this week. Oh well. NZ is not going anywhere, and I have every intention of arriving in the bottom righthand corner of the map one day soon. I am not sure if NZ is ready for me though. We will see.
PS that picture says.... friends are like angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.

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