Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Computers and the internet can drive you round the bend. I spent half the afternoon trying to email a letter with an attached file. This is standard normal stuff that I have done a zillion times. Simple. Today it was not possible. The internet connection will "take 10 days to settle down, and please do not phone the helpline unless you have been off line for at least an hour". What???? I nearly took an axe to the !*^%*!! thing. Great when it works, but a nightmare when it doesn't.

It was book club last night, and I did not distinguish myself at all. I had read none of the books I was meant to read. Sigh. It was all that mountain air, you see. When I got into bed, I opened the book and immediately fell asleep. I took 7 with me, and brought them all back unread. I am a failure. At house group tonight, we were talking about how the conversation at book club has changed over the years. Now we discuss the size of the type and the whiteness of the pages, which make the writing easier to read. And pass around the specs so we can see what we are trying to quote. Hysterical. And the size and weight of the book, which will inevitably crash land on our noses when we fall asleep reading, necessitating plastic surgery. I have also got a reputation for drowning books. They dry out very well in a fan oven i have found, but never close again. I have replaced quite a few over the years. Reading in the bath is a particular favourite of mine, but then I fall asleep there too.
Ok.... time to try reading a bit. I am yawning already.

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