Monday, September 11, 2006

I am back!!!!

Hello world, I am back on the internet. I cannot tell you how inconvenient it has been to be off line, or how much I now realise I have come to depend on the easy access to information it provides. I am looking for a job urgently, and have not been able to download forms etc. I need to research vacancies, and can't without the internet.

The need to find something that will pay the bills is pressing, so that is what I have been doing for the past week. I was offered a job at a local secondary school last week after an interview, but the pay was not enough to make a dent in what I need, so I have had to decline it. But it was nice to be offered the job, I have to say. A confidence builder.

The trip back was ok, but very long, and we finally arrived home at 1am on Monday morning. I started looking through the mountain of post, and then unpacked the car, then discovered no internet, and then it was 5am, so I didn't bother to go to bed. I spent the day sorting things and making phone calls and sending off letters etc, and finally dozed off while a friend was here at 8.30.

The whole week was really about sorting David and his school options, after (not unexpected) rather mediocre results. He has had a traumatic year, and we decided that the best option was for him to redo his AS year, and settle down. So that is what he is doing. He is very happy about it, and so am I. He needs another year, and he has grown up so much in the past 2 months.

Yesterday, he and I went to the allotment to tackle the unbelievable weeds with Jean's help, and we have made a huge dent in what has to be done. And we have beans in abundance. They are wonderful, and there are so many! A little robin followed us about looking for worms as we dug the soil, and it was totally unafraid of us.

So............. I am back in the real world now. I would prefer to be in Switzerland, of course, but it is good to see my friends. And I can't avoid the tough stuff forever. It has to be dealt with. And I just have to keep believing.

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