Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have a cold. In fact we all have colds, and a particularly vicious type too. I feel like death and just want to lie in a darkened room, which mother is doing as I speak. I need to be fully functioning, and I am not. It was an effort to sit and sand in the lounge this afternoon, but I just have a few things left to do before the painting starts. My head is pounding so that is it for today. And, by the way, I never get sick. I do not do colds. This is obviously a mistake.

David and I took the carpet to the allotment to cover the weeds. Well, everyone should have a carpetted allotment. It looks more homely. Then I thought re the wind which was threatening to topple the bean stakes, and decided that if it took off in the wind, everything would get smashed, so it is rolled to the side till the tail of the hurricane departs. It is so humid right now. And we have another huge bag of beans to cook. I am off to try weak and feeble.

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