Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Exam lectures

Today's highlight was the RE exam. Same little darling. He finished in 10 mins, saying I don't know to all the questions. Hope departed. I discovered that making paper aeroplanes out of unused exam paper is definitely frowned upon. Him not me. He was removed for a stern telling off. I was heard to mutter plaintively that "there is nothing in the handbook about making paper planes being a mortal sin". Hmmm. He had no intention of throwing it. I don't think. Oh well. Oops. While playing noughts and crosses on the scrap paper for 1 hour and 50 mins, we had a whispered discussion about the necessity of being able to have an intelligent conversation when one is older. That means learning something in school. That means listening in class. That means studying for exams. I informed the little cherub that even cooking required English, Maths, Science and Art. He was horrified. Any ideas for the subject of the next lecture after tomorrow's exam???????????

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