Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am an elf

You will be happy to know that my Christmas Elf Name is Chipper Twinkle Toes. Do not ask. I found that out on one of the bloggy things you can click on. Diana, you are Happy Sugar Socks. You will be delighted to hear that. Chipper Twinkle Toes. Good grief.

Today I came home to a welcome party of the babes and Jackie. What a lovely noisy happy surprise. They raced about the house, happy and having fun, and I flopped in a chair and just loved having them all around. Simon came in search of his family, and has valiantly agreed to check the Christmas tree box in the shed to make QUITE sure that there is no mouse, dead or alive in it before I allow it in the house this weekend. I don't do rodents, as I have said before, and after my close encounter with one in the summer in the shed, and my industrial strength rodent dispatching stuff, I want to be certain it worked. The dispatching stuff. The babes can't wait to see the Santa which emerges from a chimney and dances and sings when you bump the table. They remember it from last year. So does every adult who heard it. It was banished to the kitchen, and still it danced and sang. I did offer to lend it to Jackie, but she said she didn't have any room. Sigh. Don't worry. You will get to see a photo.


Your daughter said...

SURELY you have more exciting things to do than look up MY elf name. Happy sugar socks, indeed... look what happens when i leave the country... you go all hippy.

Morning Glory said...

Don't feel too bad about your Elf name. I was Bouncy Sparkly Toes!

Katherine said...

Ok, I win. Sparkly Candy Lips. That's not an elf, that's a lapdancer!