Friday, December 08, 2006


And I lay in bed last night thinking about my memories, and had to add the one when Andrew was about 7 and got a remote controlled boat. His father, grandpa and great-uncle wouldn't let him play with it in the pool until they had "tested" it. That meant until all 12 very large batteries had died. I have that on video! Poor kid was dancing around the 3 men pleading for his turn for ages.

Isn't it great... I had a comment from Colin, one of my childhood friends who used to be at those open evenings at my parents home, and he has great memories of a shared childhood too. They went on into our adulthood, and in turn, the children of those early years brought with them their husbands, wives and children too.

Right, I need to go to work. And so help me, the hot water has ceased. As in there is something wrong with it. I can't cope with that right now. Geoff always fixed those things. Later. I will think about it later.

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