Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Sunday of Advent

Well, the weekend did not go quite as planned, and in a way that was good, but in a way not. Normal in other words. Today we were supposed to go down to London to see Andrew and Ann, but he phoned early to tell us that the boiler had ceased to work, and they were expecting the gas man to arrive, so I suggested we come another time, and they agreed. So I got to stay in bed a little longer and relax with my book. I have just finished reading "The Island", by Victoria Hislop, and I can highly recommend it to you all. It is one of my bookclub books (bookclub is tomorrow and I will amaze the girls yet again, because I have managed to read at least 2 of the books) and it is quite brilliant.

Not going to London was good for another reason too. The weather last night (and all today) was just foul. Torrential rain, gale force winds and hail. Louise and James are stranded on Jura as I speak, because the ferries cannot run. They may be there a while as the weather does not look like improving in the next day or 2 either. So I had a lazy-ish day. I contemplated getting the Christmas decorations down from the loft, but decided to wait. The ladder was wet. It is in the garden. In the rain. And flopping is good. We did light the first Advent candle tonight, though. Now it feels as though Christmas is coming at last. Morning Glory is hosting her Christmas Tree Treasures day on December 8th, so get those special ornaments and your stories ready. I have NO idea how to do the linky thingy, but will give it a go on the 8th.

On Friday, while I was battling the little darlings at work, Mum decided to be helpful, and empty the biggest cupboard in my kitchen. I have been talking about sorting the cupboards for months, I know, but she chose Friday. I came home to 3 inches of counter space available in the kitchen. Hmmm. Anyway, I leapt out of bed yesterday in a manner more suited to a 20 year old, and decided This Was The Day To Conquer The House. So I zapped through the new room downstairs, packing away craft fair things, and throwing stuff into the pile for the tip, and recycling bin. Then did the same with all the things out in the kitchen. All the ancient baking trays are gone. So are the mis-matched cups and saucers. Pot lids (do you also have zillions that belong to nothing?) old frying pans, breadboards etc. Gone. I made an epic trip to the tip, and came back, packed away all the woodwork things, and I now have my kitchen back. After months of alternative use. 5 loads of washing and more tidying, and taking a broom to the cobwebs around the ceiling..... the feather duster thingy is hiding somewhere..... and I was finished in time to watch Strictly Come Dancing, then out to dinner at friends. So you see, I deserved the lazy day. Not that it would not have been great to see A and A of course.

Tonight I have been preparing for house group on Tuesday, and finding papers I need to make calls about in my breaks at school. The calls, and paperwork don't stop just because I have to work. I will have to get out all the medical papers this week too, as the Hospital has to respond to my official complaint by the 12th, and it takes me ages to get back into the medical mode. I need to be ready for the meetings that will follow. Sigh. Oh, and David is walking Humphrey, Glynis and Pete's brown lab for the next 2 weeks, and I am still feeding Louise's cat, so that was another 2 trips on my lazy day as well.

And another book thing........ if any of you have NOT read "If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat" by John Ortberg, then read it now! We are doing it at house group, and it is wonderful.


Barb said...

My goodness, Linds, your weather is as awful as ours. We're freezing here in western Colorado.

Just reading about your sorting and cleaning frenzy made me feel like I need a nap. But good for you. It always feels so good when you accomplish things like getting those cubbords cleared out.

someone else said...

It's cold here where I live too. We're having temperatures in the 20s F.

If you have any energy left, how about a once-over at my house?? I really need to dust and tidy up after the last few days.