Monday, December 18, 2006

Two more days to go

The last few days of school before the holidays....... Trying to get the kids to work is almost impossible at this time of the year, so work today was somwhat challenging. Emotions seem to be running high with some of the teenagers, but then Christmas is never an easy time for troubled people, is it. One more full day of classes left and then holiday time. Quite a few of the staff are leaving now, and so who knows what the new year will bring. More challenges, without a doubt!

After work, I had a meeting re the next stage of the hospital saga, and then went to visit the babes, and view their tree. Excitement levels in their home are rising by the minute! And Bekah showed me the most amazing drawing she did of Chinese New Year, which has been put on the front of the school calendar. The child is only 5 and is clearly an artistic genius, I feel. Not that I am biased or anything of course!

And happily, I can report that the last things have been posted for Christmas. I am an optimist. They can get there in time. I hope.

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someone else said...

She certainly is quite the little artist. What a nice honor!