Saturday, December 09, 2006

I promised

Oh yes, I did promise a photo of the Father Christmas that drives all adults crazy, and keeps the babes in a frenzy. Here he is in all his glory. If I had a way to get you to "share" in the demented singing that starts when you walk past, bump the table, touch anything, believe me, you would be sharing. And he rises slowly out of the chimney and starts dancing about, and so do the babes. They came round this afternoon, and did indeed dance. Without pausing for breath. So help me, when we put him on the top of my display cupboard to have tea in peace, he started again for no apparent reason. More dancing and shrieking with delight. He may well find his way back to the loft in a few days.

My tree is up, and I am nearly finished putting up the lights and garlands in the kitchen. It has rafters and skylights, so they look great. And I am happy to report that we have hot water again. Thanks to Jane at work who suggested the fuse might be blown. It was. I fixed it! And the leaves are swept up in the garden and I am now going to doze in front of the TV.


Morning Glory said...

He's too cute for words! Maybe if you had given him a cuppa, he would not have annoyed everyone with that last happy dance. Cute!!

Tammy said...

Oh what batteries run down eventually or disapear don't they...he's too festive looking to be banished to the loft...just let the batteries disapear...hehe!!
Say an elf did it!!

Pamela said...

Ahh, that is such a good feeling to have all the Christmas decoration finished. Your Santa that likes to sing and dance is delightful! lol Thanks for sharing! It is nice to know someone else who has a scroll saw, that just tickled me when I read your comment! :)

Anonymous said...

You blessed me so much by your comment this week. I just had to come by your blog and tell you that. And your site is so lovely, I know I'll be back! Thanks for taking the time to touch my heart.

Anonymous said...

How funny...yes, our stuff if finally all up too. U bet my son would love to dance with this guy!

Anonymous said...

My boys would love such a Santa! How fun.

I love the pictures and descriptions of some of your ornaments. I may just have to do the same.