Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday thoughts

The week is flying by. Maybe you have noticed this too. How come time speeds up so much as you get older? Christmas is coming, and I may have a twinkling tree, but no time to sit and enjoy any of it yet. Finally I have got the next few days sorted. I am taking Mum to Marge on Saturday, I get 3 hours in Switzerland, and then fly home in the evening. Andrew and Ann will be here for the weekend, and I will see them for Sunday at least. Glynis is on the mend, and should be home soon, and Katherine is arriving back tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow........ letting the dogs out early, more phone calls to make, then work, collecting currency, home to get Mum to take her shopping to get the last few things she needs, visiting Glynis, feeding dogs, cooking, taking David to youth club, collecting Katherine, packing, washing hair, and maybe a few hours of sleep before we leave at 4am for the airport. I lead such a calm and unhurried life. Boring, in fact. Uneventful. What did you do yesterday? Oh I went to Switzerland. Of course. For coffee.

And remember how smug I was about my presents being wrapped in September? Oh yes. I was ahead of myself. Well, some of the labels have fallen off, and now I have no idea who the assorted presents are for. And although I got the few things I still needed, they have yet to be wrapped, and I will have to sort out everything again. And I only did my cards yesterday, and I have yet to post any. Not to mention the parcels I have not posted. I operate on the assumption that "final posting dates" do not apply to me. I have the idea that if I leave it really late, then my parcels will be the only ones on the plane so will get special treatment, and arrive in style. And the postmen will be bored with little to deliver, so will delight in taking my parcels to the addressee. Yes, well. I will see.

The parcels I wrapped still have to be delivered, and so do the local cards. Here in the village, we all walk around hand-delivering ours. Or drive, in my case, usually with my son doing the running back and forth with the cards. It all takes time. And time is what I am running out of.

I could hear tomorrow exactly what I will be doing at work. Intriguing, but a little frustrating waiting for them to make up their minds. I still thoroughly enjoy what I am doing and that is good. So here are the 5 things am thankful for today:
  1. Confirmed air tickets
  2. A job I love
  3. Family support
  4. Glynis's recovery
  5. Blogs that inspire me


Anonymous said...

Oh no! The labels fell off? How awful. Maybe you can just pass them out and tell everyone to exchange if it's not what they want.

Your plans for the next few days make me feel like a slug and I'm beside myself with more than I can do!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe Journey and love to Marge and Peter

Ginny XY