Sunday, December 17, 2006

An unusual weekend

Grrrrrrrrrrr..... I had just finished doing a post and the internet explorer thingy decided to close so I LOST it. I am not happy. Here we go again........

Popping over to Switzerland for the day is not something I would recommend. For longer, yes, of course, but a day?? Maybe not.

However, just look how lovely it is. It was the Engelberg leg of the World Cup ski jumping competition this weekend, so there were thousands there for it, and we had a bird's eye view from my sister's home.

I got a little closer to the action than I had anticipated when their dog, Naxos, ran away from friends who were walking him, and we all barrelled out of the house to go and find him. He was retrieved, I am happy to say, and arrived home quite pleased with himself.

The day started very early, with Louise fetching Mum and me at 4am to take us to the airport. Thank heavens we were early, and got through relatively fast, as the queues for check in and security were taking an hour each within 15 mins of our arrival, and the flight was delayed as half the passengers were caught in the chaos. So we arrived late, missed the train I wanted to catch, and had an extra hour in Basel, which we spent having coffee and croissants in a lovely warm cafe. Then on to Luzern, where Alex met us, and took us up the mountain to Engelberg, and my sister. Mum was so relieved to get there. There was more snow than I thought there would be, and and it really is such a beautiful alpine village.

I had 2 and a half hours to soak in the scenery, drink 2 cups of coffee, and then it was off to the station to get the train down the mountain, and make my way back to Basel and the plane. Marge's home is very Christmassy, and it is absolutely lovely. Here is a photo for you to see part of it. No, Blogger is refusing to load the photos. I will do another post then and add them there.

The flight home (it takes about 1hr 20mins) was early, and a friend fetched me. Everything was going smoothly until we tried to get back on the motorway to drive the 40 mins home. Hah. The slip road was closed for roadworks. So we followed the diversion signs, and headed south. Through the roadworks. To the next junction. Oh no. That slip road was also closed so we went south again, and saw the endless queues of traffic and decided to keep heading in the opposite direction to the way we need to go to the M25, and round to the A1, and up home. It took 2 and a half hours. I got home at 1am. My friend was a saint. And very tired too!

But Mum is now with Marge for the Christmas season, and I got there and back safely. Andrew and Ann arrived for the weekend yesterday, and took David to see Glynis in hospital, and then to Casino Royale, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. It was lovely to have them all here today, and this morning, they brought me tea in bed, and all camped out on it to chat. Now that is the best part of Christmas for me.

So tomorrow it is off to work again, and more meetings, and I must post my cards, and drop the local ones. And the list seems to grow daily. The washing machine is whirring, and so is the dryer, and I think the house is under control for now. Peter is back from South Africa with Matt, and so relieved to see Glynis for himself. 2 and a half more days of school and then it is holiday time. At last!

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