Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday mumblings

Christmas is no nearer happening in my home. I have nothing out yet, and I have good intentions, but not enough hours. Maybe tomorrow.

I have just come back from bookclub, which was excellent, and we managed to discuss where we are going for our 150th meeting in Feb. We are looking at renting a house in the countryside and have every intention of slobbing about in pjs all day with comfy chairs and books and plenty of wine and indulgent food. 10 women together for a weekend. Sounds fun to me. We definitely need a fireplace too.

Mock exams are on the go at school at the moment. That means sitting with individual special needs kids and reading the paper to them, and watching them write their answers. We can't help at all of course, but some of the things they write are imaginitive to say the least. The difference between the X and Y chromosomes is, you will be pleased to know, that the X chromosome has extra bits. The sweetest lad I was with today looked at me in the middle of the maths paper, and said..... maybe I should have listened in class. I grinned. There is hope.


Morning Glory said...

Don't feel badly about not having your house decorated. I'm JUST now getting my stuff out and my house is in complete disarray. The only thing that looks complete is the tree. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet.

Tomorrow is another day.......

Anonymous said...

I had a good one that I marked yesterday. The question went like this:
Two of the clocks tell the same time. Tick the clocks.

So the child ticked all the clocks. Note the question does not ask you to tick the two clocks that tell the same time merely to tick the clocks. I thought that technically the child was correct and the question a bit stupid!


P.S What a dull life I lead thinking about the deeper meaning of SATs questions.

Barb said...

My goodness, Linds. The 150th meeting of a ten person bookclub? How great is that? You obviously have an awesome book club.

And thanks for clearing up that chromosome thing for me. I've always wondered about that! LOL