Saturday, December 30, 2006

We are home again

Hello all..... I am back! I have tried to catch up with some of my favourite blogs this morning, and am sinking under the weight of all the unread news awaiting me. I need a holiday (another one) to catch up!

David and I got home last night after a week on Scotland. I am so glad I made the decision to go somewhere completely different for Christmas this year. It was just what we needed, and staying with my dear friends, who have known me since the beginning of time it seems, was just perfect. New memories made, and at a distance from all the old ones. I really wanted David to enjoy being 17 and normal. Sure, there were moments of sadness, but interspersed with moments of hilarity and joy too. It worked for us.

The turkey was cooked on the BBQ and was a revelation. An excellent idea, and having the oven free on Christmas morning is a miracle in itself. It was hilarious, as the fog was swirling about the patio, and there was the BBQ roaring away. Certainly amusing for my friends in the southern hemisphere! The table was groaning with all the wonderful food....Cheryl is an amazing cook, and I "supervised" from a chair in the corner. Really, she would not let me do a thing, and there I sat, just keeping a running commentary going while she worked. She said having someone to chat to was all she needed.

And I can heartily recommend Nigella's recipe for ham cooked in cherry coke. I know it sounds revolting, but it has to be tasted. Absolutely wonderful. (If you havbe not discovered Nigella Lawson's cookbooks yet, you are in for a real treat!)

I do believe that the most strenuous thing we did during the week was take a gentle stroll up the road through the village one evening. Hmm. Yes, that would be serious exercise. Scrabble in front of the fire, next to the chocolates of course, and mind-numbingly awful tv to watch, and huge comfortable couches, and more cake, more wine, more damson gin, rumpot, laughter and conversation, the lot. See.... I told you it was perfect. The boys disappeared into the loft to play the new computer games, and watch their DVDs, and only emerged when they ran out of chocolate. And I have to admit that there were mornings when I only crawled out of bed at 10.30. Ish. Maybe later. In time for lunch anyway! I was spoilt rotten. It was good.

The fog didn't lift until yesterday, so I am glad I took those photos the day we arrived. And yesterday brought howling gales and rain too, so the drive home was difficult until we got south into England. The wind was unbelievable, and we stopped a couple of times to rest as my arms were aching from the strain of holding the car on the road. Not pleasant driving conditions at all. I love driving, but this was different.

David flew in the front door, and immediately opened all his forgotten presents. It was actually really nice, as, for a short while, my living room looked like Christmas, with paper all over the place, and a happy son grinning. Cheryl and Robin had thoroughly spoilt us anyway, and he did not lack presents to open on Christmas morning!

I spoke to both my older children on Christmas day, and they were having a good time with family or friends. And to Mum and Marge in Switzerland as well. So many different traditions, and different places and experiences. But the most important thing is that we all made it through the first big hurdle, and celebrated the birth of Jesus with joy and thanksgiving, with people who are special to us.

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someone else said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound and that you had such a wonderful time. Experiencing all the "firsts" following the loss of a loved one can be so trying, but it sounds like you found a way to have a very peaceful Christmas season. Blessings for the new year ahead.