Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5 Reasons why I blog

  1. I write for my friends and family. Initially, it was just for them, and then I started wandering around and discovered more people who have become my friends too, and so in a way, my blogging has altered a little. But essentially, I suppose, I blog for me. Because I want to.
  2. I blog because it makes me smile. I love reading and this is a way to interact with the authors and characters in a book in a sense. I mean, just think.... here we are, adding comments as we read "stories". How fascinating is that! We are part of the "book".
  3. I blog because sometimes I need company . And there are people out there.
  4. I blog because I love learning, and this is a way to learn about different lives and countries, traditions etc, and have some challenging thoughts tossed at me to think about. And all I have to do is say I don't know how to do something and in a flash, I get a response.
  5. I blog because it is an outlet for all the things swirling about in my head. I used, for years, to just write them on the computer, or in notebooks. Now I have another forum to use, and it actually responds, in the form of comments.

We all have our own reasons for blogging. Mine are quite simple. It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure, and it can make a difference. Together, the blogging community can do amazing things, and we have seen this happen. We can shriek with laughter, wince in pain, and our hearts can ache for each other. It is great. I am not in the least bit bothered about how many people may read what I say. I don't blog for prizes. It works for me.

Well, technically that is a lot more than 5. I just didn't add numbers to the rest!


Penless Thoughts said...

So very happy you stopped by my site and I am so happy and delighted to get to "meet" someone
from the UK!! Hope to get to know you a lot better and will be back.

Penless Thoughts said...

P.S. I love your reasons for blogging. I totally agree with #4, I too am a constant learner that's one reason I want to broaden my horizons.

Linda said...

All wonderful reasons for blogging. It's amazing how similar all of our feelings are. It seems blogging has given us so much more than we ever anticipated.
I love the idea that we are like a book. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

momrn2 said...

I enjoyed reading this. I have never thought about #2 that way... but I like the idea! :-)

Diana said...

I think I'm blogging for essentially the same reasons. What I still can't get over is that so many people all over the world are doing this same thing--communicating through this crazy screen and keyboard.

I hope that this week at school is going better for you!

Morning Glory said...

Wonderful reasons and I could claim any one of them as my own. I really like the idea of being part of each other's "book."

Dawn said...

I came over from Morning Glory, who is my sister-in-law. I have visited once, but didn't comment, I guess. I love your reasons, and agree totally. I read the post before and want to say I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband. I can't imagine that pain. But it sounds like God has kept you in the palm of His hand.

Check out the gazillion pix my husband has taken on some of his kabillion hikes! I have always wanted to get to Switzerland, and hope to someday yet.

My brother lived there for awhile, and now is in Manchester. We hope to get back over there one day as well.

Barb said...

I'd be willing to bet you that 95% of people out here who blog would say they do it for exactly the same reasons you do. I certainly do. If I didn't enjoy I wouldn't do it. I love the community of friends we make and I love encouraging and helping and praying for each other. I sometimes have a hard time remembering what it was like before I started my blog, just twelve months ago.

Hungry Hippo said...

When writing a book you are supposed to write best about what you know. This is why I think doing a blog is so good. You write from the heart. Blogging is a really interesting media and the fact that people are having their blogs published as books shows the power of the blog.