Friday, February 16, 2007

For Sandy

Sandy, I am posting this for you because I think maybe it works better as an analogy right now. The same wise friend also told me to see myself as an urn, (and I have posted the picture so you know what I am talking about!) and instead of water, visualise it filled with plus and negative signs. All day long, as a Mum, you turn on the tap and give out plus signs to everyone.... your kids, family, friends, everyone. Every time you smile, there goes another plus. Nothing wrong with that at all, but there comes a time each day, when they are all gone. For some of us, that could be at 6pm especially if you have babes, and for some it could be at night. Some in the morning. And we all know what happens when we only spew out negatives.

So what I am trying to say very inadequately, is that we have to put plusses back in. They need constant topping up. The balance needs to be right. And this could be by taking time for yourself. For doing something you love. It could be hearing your babes say how much they love you. Or a hug from a friend. Or taking out that card and reading it again. Or going to a movie. Being gentle with yourself. Being you. Just you. And not feeling guilty about putting yourself first for a little while.

I hope this makes sense to you. And this ferris wheel works without a rim.


Sandy. said...

Oh jeesh, now I'm crying. What you say makes perfect sense Linds. "Filling up" with the plusses is sometimes a challenge, especially when you tend to overlook your blessings. Guilty as charged. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for the post especially for me.

I still wish I had a rim though.


Linds said...

I have been sitting here waiting for you to come by. I know.

Barb said...

It makes sense to me, Linds, so it's no surprise it makes sense to Sandy, too. How nice of you to share this with her.

Linda said...

Hi Linds, Ithink that is a great analogy. We can't keep putting out without replenishing the supply. Very wise.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy. And it works to teach children about getting negative attention, too.

Positive begets positive.

someone else said...

Very good words for encouragement and thought. We really do need to refresh, replenish and take care of ourselves. That's so hard to do sometimes when there are so many other pressing issues to deal with.