Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturdays should not be like this

10 hours of work
6 teaching schemes written
7 lesson plans sorted
Sore head
41 lesson plans to go
Back to school on Monday

(Well, to be honest, I don't have to have all 48 done this week, I just wanted to plan ahead as much as I could.)


2D design conquered
School paraphenalia bought

So what happened to my holiday?


Linda said...

I'm tired just reading about all you've accomplished. I am new to your blog so don't know what you teach. It sounds like you've gotten lots done though. I hope tomorrow will be a nice, restful day for you.

Hungry Hippo said...

I want to cheer you up about the planning, it gets better with time. You do all the hard work now and next year it really won't be as bad. That's what I'm hoping anyway since I spend hours typing our plans up for Mr Ofsted.

A Special Family said...

no half term?
Hope you have a good Sunday, you sure do sound like a dedicated teacher :)