Monday, February 19, 2007

Start of a new term

Back to school we go...... David started today and I had a training day. The best part of training days is that you get a cooked breakfast thrown in. That you have not had to cook yourself. I did mention that it takes very little to excite me, didn't I? One of the highlights of the day was that I actually spent 3/4 of an hour sharpening all the pencil crayons in my class pencil crayon box. I mean, really... not one pencil was usable, which would have meant wandering little angels all searching for illusive sharpeners, pausing to chat about their holiday to friends, which would have meant no-one listening to me, Which would have meant no-one doing any work, which would have meant me getting slightly irritated, which would not have been a "positive outcome". Good grief, I am beginning to speak in the school paperwork lingo. I am doomed. But I do have pointy pencil crayons.

So, my news from the weekend is that the prepared lesson plan count is now up to 28. I went to church and that was really good, but apart from that, it was me and lesson plans. I need a life.
Tomorrow I teach for the first period and then I am off to observe classes at another school. It is in a town nearby, but I have never been there before. I don't think it is huge, and I have no idea where the school is, but I am sure I will find it. I am a woman. I will stop and ask. Or I could just look on the internet, of course. Hold on a sec. Found it. I am a genius.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay

Probably the easiest way to contact you. Do you or your mom have any of my mom's recipes. Now that I have a wife that cooks :) I am trying to find mom's stuff. The rice pudding recipe is the one I am most interested in at the moment. Any others would also be appreciated.

Love Colin

Diana Langdon said...

Hello mother, remember me? I am your daughter. Thank you for Jamie, he is just SPLENDID. I can't believe he cost so much to post, we need to find a kiwi internet site that will save you money!! My room is all sorted, photos up, will take some more photos soon.
Lots of love, me xxxx

Linda said...

It sounds like things are off to a good start. I love nicely sharpened pencils. I hope all goes well for you.

Butterfly Mama said...

Hope all went well...pointy pencil crayons sound good!!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'll add my best wishes to those who've been here before me. :-)

Thank you for your prayers, Linds, they are much appreciated. My pregnant daughter is now in need of our prayers. She has a really bad infection, bless her heart.

Best of luck with school. :-)

Carole Burant said...

Hi Linds, thank you so much for coming to visit me:-) Hey you've got sharp pencil crayons...what more could you ask for?? hehe I so enjoyed reading your your sense of humour:-) Hope all goes well at the school...I use Map Quest allll the time to find my way around, I get so easily turned around! lol xox