Thursday, February 15, 2007

Work is taking over my house

My floor is covered with papers from lesson planning. There are no seats uncluttered. My brain is fried, and this is seriously hard work. Tori, a friend and fellow staff member from school came round this morning and we started on our year 10 syllabus, and by the time she left it was nearly 4, and I thought it was about 1. Sigh. And I still have the Years 7, 8 and 9 teaching schemes to do never mind the lesson plans. I might have been a trifle optimistic when I thought I could do the whole of the next half term now.

But, tomorrow is play day, I have declared. I am doing NO work. I am going out to play. Do not ask me what I will be doing but it will be frivolous and deeply un-meaningful. And it will involve coffee at a place other than home. And maybe a shop. Or 2.

I may even put a paperbag over my head and go and make a hair appointment. It is a year, after all, since the highlights were done. But the appointment will no doubt be for 3 months hence (nice word, that), given that good hairdressers are notoriously hard to find. I can live with that. It will be enough of a shock to make the appointment. And I can use the 3 months to save for the exorbitant amount of money they will no doubt charge me to restore my hair to some vaguely youthful look. I may even cut it this time. It is below my shoulderblades at the moment, and it has NEVER been this long. I wear it up most of the time, unless I want the Wild Woman from Borneo look. That is rare. Maybe now is the time for a complete change of image.

Right. I am now going to wade through all those papers and go and make more coffee and watch Criminal Minds. And look for chocolate.


Diana said...

Ah lesson plans...after spending a whole day on them you definitely deserve to take a day for yourself!

Linda said...

I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know all about you - but it certainly sounds like you've had a busy day. I'm glad you can relax a bit after all that. I just had my hair done today. Nothing like it to make you feel so muc better. I've always had short hair and just decided to let mine grow. It is now down to my shoulders and I'm trying to figure out what exactly to do with it!
Thanks so much for visiting.

someone else said...

Did you find the chocolate? Did you save me some?

Diana Langdon said...

It is most confusing when someone with the same name as me posts on your blog. I suddenly feel like i've got alzheimers and have to check that I didn't post in my sleep. It is ok... there is more than one Diana in the world. Crisis averted.

Hungry Hippo said...

Welcome to my world! We plan on Wednesday's after school until 5.45pm then because we never manage to finish on time we do it all over again on Thursdays. I hate planning! The worse thing is that I get lumbered with turning people's ideas into cohesive text because everyone else types like snails.

Hungry Hippo said...

I got my hair cut too! It
looks great until the next time I wash it then it will go back to the usual wild look. But to be fair I tie it back for work in fear of headlice so style doesn't come into the equation.