Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday tea

It is now late afternoon, and we have just had a stream of visitors for tea. Unexpectedly. This is the perfect way to forget a seriously foul day. Jean arrived first, followed by Pete and Glynis, and then the babes (all 3 of them) and their parents arrived too, and we sat around eating fruit cake and drinking tea, while the rugby was on the the background. The men were a trifle distracted. I love people popping in, and this was perfect timing indeed. I would post a photo, but I don't know how to black out the babes' faces. This time they actually looked at the camera, which is great for me, but I never post pictures of other people's children with faces that are clearly visible.

Anyway, it was a time to smile, and chatter, and just enjoy some special people. Thanks so much for your comments. I was asleep by 8.30 and only woke at 8 this morning.


Linda said...

Oh I'm glad you had such a nice day (after that awful day). I think people have gotten our of the practice of just dropping by. I miss that. It sounds like a wonderful day.

someone else said...

That sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!! I'm glad you had such a nice day.