Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let it snow.....please!

It is going to snow. The excitement mounts. Tomorrow is the last day of school before half term holidays for David, so he is really hoping it snows. Everything stops then. We are on snow watch for our school too, and hopefully I could have a day at home in the warmth. Maybe! My sister shrieks with laughter at what one small snowfall does to the UK. Living in Switzerland, things are slightly different there. Snow is normal. Here it is so abnormal now that nothing works. I don't think there is a snow plough within a couple of hundred miles.

My friend, Glynis, is doing a head massaging course at the moment, and as she needed someone to practice on, I volunteered. Tonight she came round, and I was a very willing guinea pig. VERY willing. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have a head massage. And she will come once a week for the next 2 weeks as well, as part of her training. I can live with that. Oh yes, I can.

Don't you just love the massage you have at the hairdresser when you have your hair shampooed? I think that is the best part of going to the hairdresser. The head massage. I could fall asleep quite happily, totally relaxed. That reminds me, I really do need to do something about making an appointment in the very near future. Another urgent necessity. It is looking very tired indeed. The hair.

This is a totally inane post. School is good. Kids still coming in at lunch to sew. Did I mention that one little toad took one of my very expensive embroidery threads and wound it round the art block? Orange thread? That we needed and can't replace? I was less than thrilled, and they were quivering once I had read the riot act. And you have no idea how far a reel of thread can go and how annoyed teachers get when they trip over bunches of it, and get it caught in their shoes, and then drag it along as they walk, collecting sweet wrappers, leaves and chewing gum as the go. And WHO do they hold responsible? Yes. Clearly, there is only one textiles teacher in the school, and that would be me. Last week, one of them thought it would be great fun to wind a huge reel around the senior teachers' cars in the car park. That was definitely not a good idea. I will have to resort to body searches as they leave the classroom one of these days.

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Morning Glory said...

Ooooh, I could do with one of those head massages. Could you send her my way?