Thursday, February 01, 2007


My hair looks like I have just been through a tornado. My house is still in need of an extreme makeover, preferably by Boomama's mama. I have unearthed fabric from my stash to use at school, so that is tastefully heaped on the chair in the lounge. The washing machine looks as though it is about to spew excess unwashed laundry all over the floor. I am not sure exactly how many co-ordinating clean options I have to wear tomorrow. The fridge is looking rather empty. Order? Maybe not.

But guess what.............. tomorrow I GET MY LAPTOP. Moi. A laptop. Well, it is the school's really but who cares. Details. Mere details. It is mine for now. Me. I will have a computer to use when I want to. Not just when the son is finally squint from too many hours staring at the screen. Of course, his eyes gleamed when I told him it was arriving, but then I had to add..... but it is a work one, so only I can use it. In a mean and selfish manner. I may even dust the table next to my chair, so it doesn't get dirty. I am SO excited! Hopefully now I will be able to put all the mountain of papers I carry around all day onto it, and look less like a Sherpa ascending Everest when I move around the school. Or a bag lady. I can just sling the bag nonchalantly over my shoulder instead. Sigh. It does not take much to make me happy.

Today was a "light" teaching day at school, but tomorrow is a full one. Today was fine. I really enjoyed the older kids and their enthusiasm. I have been preparing lessons tonight in my rocking chair, and have worked out that technically I could do with a break between each class just to sort out all the supplies etc. This does not happen, of course. Lesson No 1 - make sure all equipment is set up and fabric sorted and supplies ready the day before. Sigh. It seems simple now. I even contemplated crawling back to school in the dark to do it this evening. I would however, have been arrested for trespassing, so I decided that I would just have to go in at dawn. I have lists. And lists of lists. Sub-lists of lists of lists. I will dream of lists. And laptops!


Katherine said...

Don't ever go back to that school after it's been locked up. When I worked there I got locked in once, and the only possible was out was through a first floor window. I climbed out onto the flat roof, and then realised there was no possible way I could jump down without breaking something vital. In the end I hailed a passing man with a ladder and he positioned it so that I could climb down. God bless men with ladders.

Glad the first day went well, and enjoy the laptop!



Morning Glory said...

That's definitely cause for excitement! I'm so glad the first day went well.

Diana Langdon said...

"In the end I hailed a passing man with a ladder and he positioned it so that I could climb down."

I am sorry but do men normally walk around carrying ladders?! You should have taken a lesson from Morgan and tried to fly.

Mother darling, is our yellow and blue still up in the science block? Go see!

Katherine said...

Actually, now I come to think of it, it was a man with some scaffold, not a ladder. Which is even odder.