Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last post from the Alps.....

Well, I am about to haul out the suitcase and start packing. I leave early tomorrow for home. And as it happens, this is the most glorious of days. The sun is shining, and the snow is blindingly white. The sky is blue, and the traffic is horrendous. The world seems to have arrived here today. Not that I am the least bit surprised, but I am not all that keen on thousands of people actually daring to walk the same paths I am through MY forests. You may just detect a smidgen of territorial huff here today. You would be right.

However, I am a big girl, and I don't really mind sharing at all. I just wanted to walk in my forest alone for a while, but that was not to be. It was still beautiful. Stunning. I took many photos, but I don't know how to get them off the camera, because all the instructions on the screen are in German and I am out of my depth here. I can understand it spoken, and can speak a fair bit, but reading is another story. There are a few gaps in the education, it seems.

Back to my walk. It was -10 degrees C. Very cold. VERY cold. Especially when one forgets one's hat and scarf. But I did remember my trusty Leki pole. This morning I walked around the lake, and then had a coffee with Marge and came home to thaw for an hour before I headed up the mountain. My physio will not be able to complain re the exercises. And speaking of physio, I am back there again on Tuesday at dawn.

Sigh. Normal life beckons. Today, as I sat on a very cold bench in the forest, I had a little chat with God. Well, I always think He is walking through the forests with me, you see, so I talk a lot. But every time I stood up, I could think of another to sit back down. So I said, ok then, I will sit here until You SPEAK to me. Loud and clear, if you please. And in between smiling and greeting every one of the 4,900,974,289,642,428 people who walked past me, I heard the words....Look up. Huh?? That is it? Look up?? I was expecting more. Look up?

So I did. At the trees towering over me, the blue sky, the snow and the mountains. And then I saw the little sign on the rock close by which said in German, Here is His greatest work, or something like that. And I understood. I was sitting in a place which is beyond words, created not by man, but by Him. I looked up again, and I realised that if I just walked along the path watching my feet, I could completely miss the spectacular beauty all about me. So too, in life. If I am so caught up in the things which seem impossible, I will miss seeing the beauty all around me. He created all this. Nothing, then, is impossible for Him.

The challenges that I face, the worries which worm their way into my mind now and then....all of them....are so small really. I need to keep looking up, keep believing He has the controls, keep trusting that He knows where I am heading next, and keep living in the knowledge that He gave me this place where I find such peace and happiness for a reason, and that He will bring me back again very soon.

All things are possible. He said so. And I look up and believe.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Linds, I am so happy for you, that not only did God speak, but that you heard, and that you obeyed. That is always the progression isn't it!!!!! These are the kinds of moments we must make indelible in our hearts and cling to, go back to and remember :o) God always amazes me at His goodness.

Joyful Days said...

Oh thank you for sharing that. Gave me the shivers. Believing all things are possible with you.

Safe travels home, Linds.



Laurie in Ca. said...

Beautiful post Linds, just gives me goose bumps reading it. I love when God pulls us aside and speaks so gently. "Be Still and Know that I Am God." Thank you for this reminder this morning. I have been so blessed following your journey there and pray for safe travel back home.

Love and Blessings, Laurie in Ca.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sending an email instead... ;>

txmomx6 said...

I needed this so very much today. Thank you.

Luanne said...

What a special way to finish your wonderful time away from home, by hearing God speak to you. He is truly an amazing God.

Thank goodness the beautiful memories you'll be taking home with you can't fit in a suitcase, otherwise there wouldn't be room on the plane.

My prayers will be with you for a safe trip back.

Linda said...

Linds, you cannot know how this post encourages me. Thank you for sharing it. It is so easy to forget to look up.
Safe trip home dear friend and wishes and prayers for the best of New Years.

Jan said...

What a lovely post Linds. I can't express to you how your words hit home. Thank you.
And safe travels dear friend!

Needled Mom said...

This is such a lovely post, Linds. It is so hard to try not to be in control of everything and sit back and let God handle it is His own way.

Safe travels back home. You will certainly have memories that will last a lifetime.

Olson Family said...

Linds, Isn't God amazing. And while pictures are great, they don't convey the majesty of feeling the presence of God in nature. I pray you will walk that path for many years and experience Him anew each time.
Also a bit sad to know you won't be all cozy in Engelberg with your sister - I so much enjoyed my visit! Safe travels!!!!!

Mary said...

Gott ist gut. Sie wurden gesegnet.Vielen Dank, dass Sie für den Austausch von. Was für eine wunderbare Zeit, die Sie haben. Sie haben uns alle auf seine Gegenwart.

Gute Heimreise mein Freund.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Beautiful! So glad He spoke to you!

That's the way it is for me too. Short, but sweet.

I think that smile on your face is a "word" to you, too, Linds--the one that is more than just the holiday smile? You do sound extraordinarily happy there! Something to pray about, maybe.

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." A wise older woman once told me to pay attention to those desires--God loves to grant them, when the other condition is fulfilled!

Wishing you a safe trip home--


Mary said...

I just thought I had better re - translate the words back to English - oops - not exactly word for word accurate. Still, hope you can decipher the best of it.

Your post blessed me and lifted my flagging spirit.

Butterfly Mama said...

Beautiful, just a beautiful realization. Thanks for the reminder to look up and believe!

Blessings and a safe journey home,

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Wonderful, Linds. Isn't it amazing how God uses His creation as illustrations to teach us? I'm definitely an illustrative learner so this really speaks to me.

Safe journey and Happy New Year, my friend. I know your leaving will be bittersweet, but you've got a son to visit with back at home, so you're swapping one sweet fellowship for another. :o)

Love and hugs,


Britt-Arnhild said...

Looks like you have gathered some great memories to bring home.

MG said...

Thank you for sharing these thoughts. They are so rich and so very, very true.

Barbara said...

Loved catching up on your lovely photos Linds and toknow that youare home safely but I think this particular post is the best you have written.

Full of faith.

There was a time when Alan said to God 'why don't you speak to me and the answer he got was 'If you would just be quiet and listen then you would hear me'
Blessings and a blessed New Year.