Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots done today....

Today, I did not turn on the computer till supper time. I hope you are all picking yourselves up from the floor. This is an all time record for me. I have so much to do and today was the day to get it all done. I know we are all aware of how fast time speeds by when we are cruising about reading all the wonderful posts from all over the world. Hours disappear. This is not good.

Anyway. Here I am. I have wrapped all the presents, and I have written the cards. I have half cleaned the house, and I have done the shopping. I have finished more cushion covers. I have even vacuumed most of the house.

I do not, however, have a tree up, and this is a really strange feeling. The house does not feel right. But, as I am away for the Christmas season, and my sons are celebrating Christmas down south, and my daughter even further down south, there was no need to put it up. Sigh. It feels all wrong, somehow. But there is also the fact that I could not consider crawling around the attic right now. Hmmm. That was the decider. That and the fact that I opened the shed door in the garden, where the tree is kept, and it looks like Miss Haversham's drawing room. The cobwebs could be world record beaters. So I shut the door.


My sister's home will make up for my distinct lack of decoration. And I will be there soon, and you will see all, I promise. This will also the very first Christmas I will celebrate without any of my children with me. It will be very different. But I will be with my sister and her huaband and my Mum, and I will be in Switzerland in winter. Very special. If you happen to tune in to the international ski jumping championships next weekend on tv, they are from Engelberg, the place I am going to. And you will see how beautiful it is there and why I love it so much. You never know, you may even see me in the crowds! I will be the one with 2 Leki poles.

The cleaning stuff calls. And I have more exercises to do. The Bath appointment is being processed, and I am delighted that I will be going to the specialist centre for CRPS after Christmas. Thank heavens. I will be back.


Donnetta said...

Yeah for being able to get some things done! I'm hoping to be able to say the same thing by this evening!

We didn't put a tree up this year either. We have a family over weekly right now with 3 children under 5 and there are already so many tempting things to want to touch and play with that aren't toys. We decided to choose our battle and not make a decorated and lit tree one of them this year.

I did, however, go ahead and decorate the rest of the house for Christmas.

Vee said...

Wonderful, wonderful! Sounds as if we could all benefit from a day with the computer down until suppertime. I had to have mine off for a few hours this morning because of an ice storm and thought I'd die. :D

Your pictures of Switzerland always remind me why you love it so. It'll be a restorative experience in every way, I'm certain.

Oh it must be a good feeling to have the cards done and the house nearly cleaned and the gifts finished and the shopping done. I'm quite jealous.

Mary said...

I am smiling from ear to ear for you.

I mean well done for the housework and the wrapping and the sewing and the self control of computer - and all that!

But - well done - Switzerland!!!!!!!

Oh and good news about specialist centre for CRPS.

A soak in the bath does sound nice - toodles then - I am off to make some bubbles ;)

(Chat before you go - nudge me.)

Unknown said...

Well here I sit reading all of these beautiful Christmasy posts while you are tackling one project right after the other. I do have all of the gifts wrapped, and did type up a form Christmas letter to add to my cards, but I am so very far behind on getting my cards out this year (hanging my head in shame). I usually have them all signed sealed and ready for stamps by Thanksgiving.

I will certainy be tuning in to the ski jumping championships and looking for you. Just don't get all carried away and enter to do some jumping yourself. Seriously I know you will have a wonderful relaxing visit. You have certainly earned it.

Pam said...

I haven't bought a present yet - or at least, one or two have been bought on my behalf. And you've wrapped yours. Aarrgghh. Maybe this giving-up-teaching idea has something going for it - though not the way you've had to do it, of course.

Well done, though.

Dawn said...

I know what you mean - the minutes tick away so quickly when we're catching up with our friends around the world! Amazing.

I am so glad you get to go to Switzerland - I really want to go there someday. It sounds like you're getting a lot more done with that bumb knee than I am with everything intact!

Linda said...

What a satisfying feeling to get so much accomplished Linds. I'm sure it does seem strange to have such a different Christmas, but I'm so glad you're able to go to your Sister's home. I look forward to all the beautiful pictures.

Crystal said...

What a great feeling to have accomplished so much today!! I had grand plans but then someone got sick and I got called to substitute and my plans were out the window. I guess it just means I have to be even more productive in the days remaining.

When do you leave for Switzerland? Will you be able to post and share your adventures from there? Enjoy your time and I hope you don't miss your kids too, too much.

Olson Family said...

OK - I will send an email re: possibility of visiting you while in Engleberg. Good luck packing.

Barb said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can get done if you stay away from the computer? And here I sit, at the computer. LOL