Friday, June 26, 2009


First the weather report......

The sun shone.
The sun disappeared.
Gentle rain fell on the village.
The rain stopped.
Torrential rain.
The rain stopped.

And that was in the space of a couple of hours. I do believe the sun is due to shine again today. Sometime. This is the time I always wish I had some water-butts attached to my drain pipes to save water for the garden. Memo to self: Get water-butts asap.

The photos of the vast expanse of growing things yesterday were of the allotment, down at the bottom of the village. I think I have mentioned before that our gardens are very small, so some of us rent allotments to grow things. My garden is absolutely packed with things, and as I said, I will show you photos when all the buds open. I love it. The allotment is different. My friends use it because I simply cannot do it myself. Not now. We share the produce.

I have lost one of my favourite earrings. I lost it somewhere between the pool and home yesterday, and despite trips to try to find it, I can't. Sigh. What on earth is the use of one earring, I ask you??? I am sure most of us have plenty of single ones lying about. Useless.

More thunder.
More lightning.
More torrential rain.

Yes, I know, I should switch this off in thunderstorms, but I think it is a few miles away. At least I will not have to water the garden this evening! OOps. Maybe it is a little closer than I thought. I am off....


Vee said...

Oh there're many good uses for a single earring...blogs full of ideas for a single earring. Though I am sorry that you've lost a favorite. Sometimes the lost things find their way home somehow.

Your weather sounds like ours. I'm sorry that the Gulf Stream is probably going to take this mess sailing right over the Atlantic to you folks. Pray that it goes north or south or something.

Dawn said...

We are having the same weird weather. The good news is not having to water the grass. But it sure has a way of ruining evening activities! More to come on that soon!

Needled Mom said...

Well......if it is a pierced earring you could always pierce your belly button and then you would only need one. ;)

I hope the rains do no harm to the beautiful plants that we saw in the last post.

lakeviewer said...

water-butts? What are they?