Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunny Solstice Sunday.........

It is a beautiful day - hot and sunny. And it is Solstice time again. The Druids were out at Stone Henge this morning to watch the sun rise, and apparently there were thousands of people there. It is one of only 2 days in the year that you can go into the ring itself.

The British Grand Prix is over, it is Father's Day, and the birds are chirping out side my door. Loudly. I can smell tomato on my hands from tying up the plants, and basil which I have growing next to my sink......the smells of summer. It is a year ago today that I heard that I was going to be a Granny too.

I spoke to my neighbour, and we have compromised. She was sorry re the garden, but loves the squirrels, so she has agreed to finish the pack of seeds she has now and then stop feeding till winter. I can live with that. She has had no trouble in her garden. Of course not. Those pesky rodents are not stupid, and wouldn't dream of digging up her place. Mine? Open season. But I have a clever defence front, people. I have empty plastic shopping bags tied all over the place billowing and rustling in the breeze. It looks totally stunning, but so far it seems to have worked. Maybe I should patent my invention - Squirrel Scarer.

Tomorrow I am off to Bath again for the day. Loads of back-to-back appointments to see how things are going. It will be a long and exhausting day, and I still ahve to compile my lists of questions, and also my 12 things I did to spoil myself. Hmmm. I had better get moving. Slowly. And Wimbeldon is starting tomorrow! What a delight.

Oh - I nearly forgot...... yesterday it was a year ago that I wrecked my knee. A year. I can't believe it is a whole year. 365 days. It has not been stellar. But hopefully this time next year, I will have a different story to tell!


Jess said...

Happy Father's Day to all our men.

Hope it continues to work with your squirrels!

Have a great week
Love, Jess

Dawn said...

Okay, I'll tell DC about the bags and maybe preserve our strawberries. I used to think the squirrels were cute, but now I'm just annoyed at them.

A year ago yesterday bad news and a year ago today good news - life is all about balance, isn't it? I hope you have good reports and learn new things tomorrow.

It is very warm here today and we had dinner on the patio with my dad and mom for Father's Day. My niece, Rachel, was able to go to Wesley Chapel to hear my nephew from Oklahoma perform with the choir. That was a special time for both of them. They haven't seen each other in years and both have grown up in the interim.

Rosaria Williams said...

Enjoy your time at Bath. Yes. you should get credit for your invention.

Linda said...

I have been enjoying watching the little squirrels in our front yard, but I will see them in a different light from now on. I don't blame you for being infuriated. I'm glad your neighbor was so cooperative.

Praying that all goes well with your visit to Bath.

Needled Mom said...

I am thinking that perhaps you should start feeding the squirrels yourself if they don't bother her garden. It's a thought.

Good luck with your appointment. Perhaps one spoiling is buying the new washer!?!?

Enjoy the tennis.

Vee said...

So happy that you carried through with your intent to speak with the squirrel-loving neighbor. At least, you've got some resolution. I hope that those simply adorable shopping bags snapping in the breeze do the trick.

You've had a lot go on in a year. Guess we all do... Yes, next year will be better. It absolutely will.

Carole Burant said...

Hello dear Linds:-)

Yup, it really is hard to believe that it's been a year already since you hurt your knee. You've surely gone through quite a lot in that year!!! Here's to a MUCH better year ahead!

Wow, a lot has been happening in your neck of the woods. I've heard about being able to be in the ring itself at Stone Henge at Solstice time...I imagine that would be pretty exciting:-)

Steve has been having a hate/hate relationship with the squirrels at his house as they are forever digging up his flowers. Apparently sprinkling cayenne pepper is supposed to help so he's trying that. We have squirrels here and yet they've never dug up any of my flowers...see, mine are well behaved! LOL

Best of luck in Bath, I do hope some improvement is noted in your knee! Lots of love to you. xoxo