Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What happened to summer?

This will be short. My internet is going on and off for some bizarre reason (son upstairs on his laptop maybe???) and what is more important...... I am freezing. As I speak, I am wearing that poncho thingy I made. I even considered switching on the heating. So I have every intention of submerging myself in a hot bath in a sec. Thawing sounds good to me.

I did indeed go and look at household appliances today. In the rain. Looked being the operative word. But I did get new phones for the house - the landline variety, so I can tick one thing off the list which seems to grow by the day. The salesperson at one shop was delightful, knowledgeable and helpful, but his washing machines were pricey. The one at the other shop asked me to teach him about washing machines, and was less than stellar in all departments. So I left.

Sigh. If this rain continues I could just toss everything out into the garden and let nature take care of things, couldn't I....

Yes, my friends, we do have liquid detergent here, and washing in cold water is anathema to the British. As I have said before, I was doing that 20 years ago in SA, which was technologically very advanced in comparison. And I will be doing that here once I decide on the washing machine. Maybe in the next century or so.

And in case you think my life is totally boring (which it may well be), I have also taken Mum to the doctor today, then out to tea with friends, done the food shop, checked out w/ms, done a little garden pottering, cooked supper for 4, entertained 2 friends this evening, done exercises, and contemplated making a table cloth to match the bright and cheerful chair cushions. The material is now in a heap on the floor. AND I have deadheaded flowers, tidied up, sorted mail, answered phones, and a zillion other small things. See?? I paced myself.



Crystal said...

The thing about pacing (and most other things) is it depends on your perspective and where you are starting from! You, my friend, are a doer so you will always do things and besides, doing keeps one young and cheerful, right?!! I hope you warm up soon and that the washing machine dilemma is soon solved :))

lakeviewer said...

Pacing is relative, no?

Barb said...

I actually understand why you "pace" yourself this way, Linds. I can't bear to sit and dwell on it when I don't feel well either. Like you, I pay the price, but to just sit and think about it makes it seem worse, doesn't it?

My mom (Judith at Flight Song) finally had a total knee replacement yesterday, after six months of constant pain and no one being able to get to the bottom of it. So we're hoping this will cure her pain. I wish they could find an answer for you. I hate knowing that you have to deal with this.

Dawn said...

I hope you find a washer soon that is just right for you.

We're finally getting some warm air around here, but a bit of rain almost every day.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though you have had a very full day already and in need of a warm bath. How awful is it to have winter in the summer????