Monday, June 15, 2009

I have no idea where last week went......

Sigh. My intentions were good. The week - the days - they just took on a life force of their own and whizzed away. And here we are on yet another Monday. I have not being sitting on my rear doing nothing. Mind you, maybe a little of doing nothing would be a good idea. I am rambling here, and I know it.

I have:
  1. Just been to collect my son from uni. He is home for the summer, and my house has shrunk.
  2. Had my oldest son, his wife and Missy here for the weekend which has meant many tours of the garden to look at flowers with a little girl. Many walks with this Granny pushing the pram, bbq, food, fun and loads more....

  3. And I let them use my room as there was more room for the pram and other baby paraphenalia, and slept in David's room, rolled over in the night and whacked my leg on the wall. Not clever. At all.

  4. So I have not had much sleep

  5. But I took loads more photos. This child must be the most photographed little girl in the universe.

  6. Been to aqua and loved it. We had a really good session on Thursday. I can still feel the pain.

  7. Been pottering in the garden, watching things grow.

  8. Tasted the first peas on the allotment straight from the pod. Sweet!

  9. Been to a fund-raiser tea party for a friend who is going on a Tearfund mission to Zambia.

  10. Helped the Garden Fairy cut out another quilt and made a mistake cutting it so....

  11. Assembled the quilt for her, square by square instead of her strip method as penance.

  12. Made bright cushions for my garden chairs.

  13. Cooked, watered, cleaned

  14. Had friends round for coffee

  15. Been out for a cream tea to celebrate my birthday

  16. Been to Costco

  17. And Ikea

  18. Taken Mum to the doctor for check ups. I cannot begin to describe what her face looked like after a few days. Well, I have photos, but am not about to post them. She would shoot me. She then got a diabolical cold, coupled with mega hay-fever, and she was a real mess. But happily, she is recovering well, and came on today's expedition. She is very touched by all the messages and concern. Thanks so much.
    We have had rain and sun and more sun and more showers, and it has been humid, so the garden has just taken off in a big way. I love it. A friend asked me yesterday if I was doing the garden to prove that I was Mother Earth to my family. Seeing as just about everything else I have been used to doing well has disappeared from the horizon at the moment. I answered no. I have sown this garden from seed. For many reasons, but the most important ones are to see if I could grow things here at home in a small space. And to grow vegetables and fruit as a money saving venture. Seeds cost very little. I can eat my garden. Well, most of it. I have hanging baskets of tomatoes, and also of flowers. But in the flower ones, there are herbs like rosemary and also lettuces. I am inventive here.

And the garden is a "doing" thing. Not just a "thinking" thing. It doesn't matter if I move slowly. Things grow. Think of it as therapy! I am off to Bath to the hospital next Monday for a review of my progress, and I have appointments all day. I have loads of questions too. I have to have a list of things I have done which are solely for me - spoiling myself. And you know, the garden is right up there at the top. I just tend to do things to excess. Sigh. I really need to sort that one out. I have to have 12 things on the list minimum. Hmmm. Having my hair done could be one. Going to Switzerland. 2. Garden - 3. Hmmm. I have a week.

There are so many "fronts" open in my life at the moment. Some I can talk about and others I can't. Most of them are unbelievably challenging. I handed over one of the issues which arose to an expert, and he had that sorted in days. It was a salutory lesson in relinquishing control. I have a hard time not being the one in control.

So there you have it. A synopsis of the week.


Needled Mom said...

Those quickly passing weeks all prove that there is purpose to our lives.

I can imagine how small the house must have felt with everyone there but I am sure that you enjoyed all the activity and the presence of the wee one. Babies do come with a lot of equipment.

Your garden cushions do look so cheery. It must be such a refreshing spot among the growing plants.

I worked at weeding all day yesterday and I could hardly stand upright when I finished. Must be getting old. Reclining flat in my bed all night felt wonderful. But....the produce is soooo worth the pain, isn't it. There is a definiet satisfaction to gardening.

I am glad that you are saving your mother the horrors of pasting her photo on the internet. You are a good daughter.

Hope that your week will find a little time for relaxation.

Dawn said...

Whew! I now feel caught up - it's good to know what you've been up to. I have been wondering about you.

We're having an incredibly cool and damp/wet spring. Tornadoes are all around this afternoon, but not here, thank goodness. DC works out east of here, and it's a lot more activity out there.

I wish we could see some of those hundreds of pictures, but I understand why we can't. I'm glad your mom is improving.

I can't believe David's freshman year is over already. This year has flown!!

Kristen is catching up on her school work that she couldn't do when she was so sick. She took her first final today, and I am anxious to see her finished.

Linda said...

It sounds like a busy, fulfilling, wonderful week Linds. The one stand-out for me is your birthday. How did I miss that?
Happy Birthday dear Linds!
Your garden looks amazing. We are so sadly lacking in rain it is difficult to grow anything here right now.
It was good to catch up with you. Isn't it wonderful having that sweet little granddaughter? One of the Lord's most amazing blessings.

Jan said...

What a great week you had!
Regarding control, and letting go...I too am struggling with these concepts. I was thinking about retirement, but resent having the choice of whether to do so or not taken away so abruptly. As for letting others do things for me... I surely need to work on this too.

Vee said...

Never a dull moment in your corner... I'm so sorry to learn about your mother's up fall. Hope that she is well on the mend despite the cuts and bruises. Oh dear. If it's not one thing, it's your mother as they say. ;>

And I see that Diana has gotten herself back home again. How dare she?! Thank goodness that your son is home from the university so the nest is not quite so empty.

I loved the pictures of Switzerland and seeing Missy...she's growing so fast...with your mum and the pink rabbit.

Barb said...

Having the kids and the baby must have been so much fun. I know how much smaller the house gets when they visit but it's so worth it. It's amazing how much "stuff" it takes to take care of one little baby, isn't it? My whole house looks like that pretty much all the time now.

I'll never get used to the way you just go to Switzerland. I have to remind myself constantly that you live a little closer to Switzerland than I do. LOL

You're always so busy, I can't imagine you just sitting still, but your garden and those comfortable looking chairs sure look like a nice place to relax.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I have to challenge that statement that Missy is the most photographed child ever, because if I haven't surpassed you with my Emmy pictures I know I could give you a good run for your money! ;-)

You've accomplished a lot and just what you've listed here sounds fun and exhausting all at the same time. Glad you enjoyed your family time and your garden is lovely. I sure could enjoy a cup of coffee or Earl Grey in one of your cheerful seats.

Have a great week, Linds.

Love and hugs,


Morning Glory said...

You have definitely had a busy, but very delightful sounding, week. I love the pictures of your garden!!!! I only wish we were sitting in it together.

Crystal said...

I love when you post and we a share in the adventures and humour of your life :)) You are indeed a busy and available friend. Good luck with your visit to Bath.
((( HUGS )))

Janine said...

Your garden is looking so colourful - glad that you are having the right weather to enjoy it.