Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting hotter and hotter......

And so the heatwave arrives.

My son called me yesterday afternoon, (as I was sitting in my garden with a friend after a bbq) to tell me that they were having a hail storm to end all hail storms. The garden was a wreck, gutters overflowing and road a river. And he is just an hour and a half away. We had none of that. I did tell him not to mourn the demise of his peppers or tomatoes. I have a zillion extra plants here.

I do believe that this is turning into a weather blog. I live in England. It goes with the territory! And if not a weather one, then a gardening one. Sigh. I really do have other stuff going on, you know. I just tend to forget it all.

So what was I saying then....

Yesterday, I picked peas from my garden, and froze them. And today I creamed spinach and that is waiting to go in the freezer too. We had a salad of lettuce, basil, chives (all from the garden) with tomatoes and peppers yesterday. And soon I will have a mountain of home-grown tomatoes to deal with. And all the rest. I am digging up some potatoes in a day or 2. This year I grew them in pots here at home, and it will be good to see how they have done. Jean did so as well, and she has had a good steady supply.

It is great, you know - you decide that you will need potatoes in a couple of days, so you stop watering one pot, and they are not all muddy when you upend it. Voila!

I was pottering in the garden yesterday, and I moved aside a branch, and something rather substantial and wet landed on my foot. I thought it was a trifle heavy for a rain drop or 2, and it was. A frog. My frog! It is back! There is usually one in the garden each summer, and I have no idea why as I have no pool or obvious water source.
Things are starting to bloom around here. I am now going to go and have a snooze and contemplate some erudite stuff to post about next.

I saved the best photo for last. My favourite rose - Alpine Sunset.....


Vee said...

Such beautiful pictures of your garden, even the frog's photo is very nice. I could happily sit and chat with you for a good while there and most especially if you'd give me a salad to eat. Sounds so nice. Already harvesting potatoes? That's marvelous! Oh, I know that I told you to send the nasty weather south, but I was thinking further south...certainly not just to your son's location.

Becky said...

Oh my! What a fabulous garden....and that Alpine Rose is utterly and completely breathtaking.


Take care.

So enjoy your blog.....and you.
Have been following your story for a few months now ~ your courage and strength and faith are an inspiration.

Be blessed as you are a blessing to others,

Becky Terry

Crystal said...

Thank you for the walk through your garden! I am amazed at how much further along your garden is - when did you plant it? Living in the great white frozen north makes for such a short growing season. This is the first year that I'm realizing just how much different growing seasons are. We had baby spinach and I'm cutting the baby lettuce and chard today. Your flowers are simply gorgeous!!

Note to self - visit Linds in the summertime so you can enjoy her garden and yard :))

Happy Sunday to you!

Needled Mom said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! And....the last rose is pure heaven. Thankjs for showing us around, Linds.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Lovely tour of your garden, Linds. Thanks for sharing it with us.

We've been having a heat wave too, temps at 100F or above every day for the last week or so, but today it was in the low 90's and is to be int the 80's for the next several days, so that will be a welcome respite.

Enjoy your new week!

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

What a lovely garden you have - I absolutely love that first flower picture with the water drops. And the last rose - magnificent.

We just got back from a lovely bike ride - for the second time this week I've missed a gorgeous sunset because I didn't have my camera. Rats!

We haven't had the furnace turn on yet, but am dreading the day when it happens.

Mary said...

looks lovely. Put the kettle on - be right over.

PEA said...

Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous and I can't get over that you're picking peas already! We were just finally able to plant our veggie garden about 2 weeks ago and it's just now starting to come up. It will be a few weeks yet before we having anything to harvest. The growing season is so late and so short in Northern Ontario. You've got a wonderful patio area and I wish I could be sitting in one of those chairs visiting you:-) xoxo

K said...

This is interesting - up in Scotland, we are clearly a few weeks behind you even though the weather's been nice. My peas and beans are nowhere near producing yet, although the potatoes are looking quite promising. I do them in a container too - just one big one, but it provides enough little salad potatoes to keep us going. I find the compost brushes off very easily even if it's damp - I just reach in and rootle around gently until I find enough.

We have been eating cabbage, and our guinea pigs have been eating kale since March and it's still growing and taking over the world (and I only have three plants). I may have to find some human kale recipes.