Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas season begins..........

I am living vicariously through others today, waiting to see the Black Friday bargains. We don't have that sort of thing here, although Amazon UK is trying to do its thing. I have been watching some Facebook friends who have been out there, and I am turning a rather unbecoming shade of green at the price tags they have photographed. We pay a hefty price for things here, especially cameras and other such goodies. But then, it is fun to see what others find, because bargains are what I love best! My Scottish friends, Cheryl and Robin, are in the US for Thanksgiving with her sister who lives there, and she was also planning a shopping expedition - just to experience the whole thing.

Jean and I could wrote a book of frugal shopping. Add my sister to the mix and we are intrepid adventurers and superstar bargain hunters.

So today, we have been continuing with our dolly wardrobe creation efforts. My sister chopped up her old jeans yesterday so that we could make Billy (the COLD DOLLY; MOREGLANNY! Remember him??) some warm clothes. He now has 5 pairs of jeans, complete with the proper side stitching, and some have pockets. He also has a coat with a hood to match the green jeans. And we have plans afoot to chop up socks and make jumpers tomorrow. Old gloves will make excellent hats, in case his head gets cold, and pyjamas will be made too. We found some flannel in the cupboard.

There is no need to buy a thing for this superb wardrobe, because we have velcro, buttons, cotton, fabric, you name it. It is here. Marge and I have similar sewing/craft supplies. Actually, hers is way more extensive, but I have more than enough, believe me.

Billy even has handkerchiefs of his own, in case he gets a cold.

There will be a photo shoot when he does his catwalk thing once we have supplied all his wardrobe needs.

I do love having the time to play and invent things as we go along. And Marge has patterns, now that we know Billy's height.

It is a little early for any Christmas decorating ideas for me. I usually start at the beginning of December, but will probably wait until the end of the first week this year. In South Africa, we only ever started decorating after the 16th December. That used to be Dingaan's day. But in the UK, people start to put up their trees at the beginning of the month. My sister does her decorating early, but the tree is always later. However, most people leave everything up for the 12 days of Christmas, so it all comes down around the 6th January every year. Some take there trees down just before school goes back though. Mine will stay up till the 6th. I love the Christmas lights on in the gloom of winter.

Isn't it interesting to see all the different traditions? I love it all. Advent starts on December 2nd. There is a Christmas Market next week, so I will be there, of course. I LOVE Christmas markets. And bargains. And home made gifts. And Christmas baking. And most of all, the thought that all my children will be home this year. In just a few weeks, my daughter will be boarding an aeroplane for home, and I cannot wait to see her.

Missy called earlier. To order strawberry (PINK) ice cream for Christmas.

Right. Strawberry ice cream will be on the menu then......


Sandra said...

I don't like the Black Fridays and I have NEVER gone out in there. I honestly don't want to get up in the middle of the night just to get slapped around for something that is a dollar cheaper LOL

I've got all my Christmas decorations outside done, lot of the base people have done them as well...early this year.

Tomorrow I'm putting up my Christmas village, but as for the tree, that is not happening until at least the first week of December or maybe even the second week.

Vee said...

Oh to be creating in someone else's studio, well equipped and with good ideas. You two must be having a blast.

I didn't go out this year. I usually don't, though last year I did because the artificial tree I wanted was on a great sale...40 or perhaps 60 per cent off. Anyway, it was a good reason to get up and going. The economy is pretty much in the tank so even great bargains are not always affordable.

You may be interested to know that I made a melktert for Thanksgiving this year. I had made one 25 years or so ago and thought it delicious. Something may have gone wrong as I wasn't as fond of it this year and no one else was enjoying it at all. Today, it was much better than yesterday. I'm going to have that entire pie to myself!