Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Working on projects,books and thankfulness......

Time flies when you are having fun, doesn't it? I am under my Easter ripple and on the last phase of it.It is orange and yellow and green.  Easter? Well, I started it last January and it is in the "to do finish" pile. Do not ask if I have finished all 3 memory quilts for my kids which I started in 2006. That will make me bury my head in shame. No. I haven't finished the stitching.


The WIPs are mounting up.

You know, I have seen my American friends using Red Heart DK yarn for different projects,and when I was shopping with my sister in January, I nearly fell over when I saw a store with the label right there. It is always interesting to see what other countries yarn weight is too. And I have to say that, while I would love to use fancy wool mixes, I cannot begin to afford them, so I use DK a lot.

I also have vivid memories of the day my husband decided to wash his brand new Aran wool jumper, lovingly knitted by his mother-in-law, aka Mum. On a hot machine wash. It emerged 10 inches long and 6 ft wide.

Mother was not impressed.


I just looked at the NaBloPoMo prompt. Where do I read. Hahahahahahaha. In the bath. The answer is short and to the point. How am I supposed to write an entire post re reading in the bath?? Do you need to know how many books I have drowned? How my book club used to know exactly which books were mine by the wavy pages?

If I try to read in the sun - always supposing we actually see some some, of course - I tend to fall asleep. If I sit on the couch under a cosy blanket, I tend to fall asleep. If I sit upright on a hard chair, I find 290 other things to do instead as my attention wanders.If I had any cosy nook, I would be sleeping. In bed? Sleeping. 

Maybe I have sleeping sickness.  

I used to be able to read anywhere. I remember my father getting so angry when he drove us around our Grand Tour of Europe, and I had my nose in a book all the way. I did manage to take in everything at the same time. When I was 12, multi-tasking was obviously a doddle. 

Mind you, I do read on trains, planes etc. Motion doesn't really put me to sleep. However, I have only done 2 hour journeys recently, so who knows. 2 hours and 2 minutes might be the turning point.  My soporific tendencies are becoming well known among my friends. I just wish I could actually sleep in bed at night. Those days seem long past too. 

Haver I put you all to sleep yet? 

I am aware that tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA, and that most blogging friends are away from their computers doing what everyone should be doing - having fun preparing feasts with families and friends, and remembering just how much every single one of us has to be thankful for. Every year I say the same thing - I so wish Thanksgiving was an international holiday. Every one of us needs to pause, especially in the run up to Christmas, to think of just what we are thankful for. Small, medium and large things. 

So in the spirit of thankfulness, here is a short list of things I can think of this very minute. And tomorrow, I may just post a list. I want Thanksgiving too.

My faith
My family
My friends
A warm and comfortable home
The Internet and the world I have discovered with so many friends
A creative spirit
Wool, fabric and tools
Hot coffee
Access to transport
Phones to stay in touch
Having enough. 
Enough to share
Glasses, to be able to see
Food I have stored for the winter

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