Thursday, November 01, 2012

November arrives and NaBloPoMo begins.........

The aqua teacher came to find me in the changing rooms to see if I was OK today. Why? I was too quiet. I have lost my voice and can only croak. She would notice this because I am part of the noisy corner, you see. We have to screech and sing and make a noise as we dance in the water - multi-tasking on a mammoth scale, people.

Anyway, our corner was a little subdued today without me yelling "yeeha" at all available opportunities.

I feel as if a truck has run over me.

But I danced in the water albeit a little slower than usual, and now I want to curl up in a ball and have a nap. But I popped home to slap another coat of paint on the birds, and have a coffee and just be at home. And I have discovered that I have a hair appointment this afternoon. Perfect. Heaven knows I could do with a little pampering today.

I am old.

I am creaking.

Last night, we had an unbelievable rainstorm. I am used to rain. But this was something else. I thought the conservatory roof was going top be smashed to smithereens. You have no idea how much rain fell. You couldn't see anything. And it came and went for a while. The dogs were not thrilled. Neither was I. Jean was out in her car and she said she couldn't see the road ahead, even going at 15miles an hour.

However, it was just rain, and nothing like the weather the north east of the USA had to contend with when Sandy arrived. I have seen the photos and video footage. And that is really unbelievable. As my friend in NZ said, the storm was bigger than New Zealand. It would have wiped them all out. So to all of you who are cleaning up the mess, and trying to start rebuilding, I am sending an extra hug, because you will have heard enough platitudes by now. As long as you are safe, everything else can be taken care of. (A platitude, I know.)

I am waiting for the paint to dry so the final coat can go on. So help me, I have painted and sanded so much now - I need to do the decorating.

Can you believe it is already November? How did that happen? This is the month I usually try to do the NaBloPoMo thing and write every day. Hmmm. My 31 intentions sort of drifted. I may well manage something every day for November. Maybe I will give it a go. Now where is that badge thingy - hang on.....

NaBloPoMo November 2012

Here we go. You can go here and get the link if you would like to join in. 

Missy called me a few days ago - "Moreglanny, I need your HELP! Billy needs pyjamas and he is cold and I NEED to make some on your sewing machine"....Ah, it is in the genes, my friends. My granddaughter wants to sew. Right. We can do this. I just need to make a quick patter and try it out before Missy barrels in the door with her cold dolly. It is not as big as Baby Annabelle and not as small as her other dolls. Hmmmm. Oh well. It will have elastic in the essential parts so who cares if the size is a tad big. I need to go and draw and cut. Forget the painting. This is MUCH more fun!

I will be back. Tomorrow. I have to. It is NaBloPoMo, don't forget!


Vee said...

NaBloPoMo? Whatever it is, I shall be very glad if we hear daily from you. Oh a hair appointment...what is that...I need one, though I'm afraid that I am at the stage where if someone begins shampooing my hair, I shall begin to cry. Oh I do hate that.

How sweet to have Missy discussing pjs for her dolly. And she knows just whom to ask, doesn't she! Hope that we'll get to see them.

You must be getting some of the shreds from Sandy? Is that possible already? I know that we were as early as Sunday evening and we are still not out of it as it is dark and glowering yet here.

Needled Mom said...

Is the rain from Sandy? We remember how bad Irene hit you last year when we were there. It is amazing how far these storms travel.

No dreadful! I hope it returns soon.

I can't wait to see what you and Missy create for her dolly.

Crystal said...

Okay, you've inspired me to join NaBloPoMo! I checked the website and will likely follow the prompts since I'm not as good as you at finding worthy things to write about :) I hope the sewing is fun! I'm really tempted to buy Meadow a sewing machine for Christmas - she's so interested in it all. We are having freezing rain turning to snow later today. Meadow's home from school because the busses didn't run over there. I'm cooking beets and sewing today - good times!! I hope you are feeling better soon. (((HUGS )))

Lu said...

l cant wait for my grandaughter to be Missy's age, at the moment she's only 5 weeks

Sandra said...

That nablopomo thing is such a weird name, I can't even say it LOL

I already blog everyday so it would be pointless for me to join but I'm looking forward to others joining in, should be fun to read :)