Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday. I can't think of a snappy title.........

What starts with the letter "M", ends with the letter "M" and squishes you in the middle?

Yes. You are correct. It is That Day. It rolled round again. Groan. But it is done, thank heavens and I can forget about it because it is not my most favourite way to spend 10 minutes, I can tell you. Usually, there are 4 full changing rooms in the mobile unit, but this time, I barrelled through the door and I was greeted by 3 nurses/technicians. I had their undivided attention, and so I was barrelling out of the door in minutes. Such a delight to see the sky without have exploded all over the machine.

The hilarious part was this tiny scrap of a child technician, reaching or trying to reach right around me and I was more vividly aware of a total abundance of flesh which I do not want to see. So she said, after I muttered some dark words re my expanse, "Don't worry, my dear. I tell all my patients that if I can reach around them, they have nothing to worry about, and I can reach around you." How kind. It still doesn't remove the fact that I was AWARE of the excesses.


Life is hard when you get older.

And things sag.

And bag.

I was at aquazumba at an early hour, and it was strange - I feel listless. Listless and Aqua-anything do not go well together, but we soldiered on.

I still feel a little drained and uninspired. Strange how these days pop up now and then. Unexpectedly. But I can't stop moving, so I have been sewing some bunting for my sister and then made another 12 hearts. Just because the fabric is there and I can use it. I have house group here tonight, so I have turned the heating on for a while to make this house warm and welcoming. Nothing puts people off more than a freezing house. I can announce that crockpots do not warm the house. The smell of my chili concoction may be warm and enticing, but the room stays cold. I need to use the oven more and bake. I always leave the oven door open until it cools down, so the room gets a boost of heat. But that is for December time, the baking time. The Christmas cake is now wrapped in foil and sitting on the counter. It looks great. I must remember to move it out of the room should the wood-working muse strike. I can just see it covered accidentally in sawdust.

Good grief. I just had a bowl of that chili stuff. I may have overdone the chili. I feel flames about to emit from my mouth a la dragons. It was great at the time I ate it, but the aftershock is making my eyes water. Ah well. It warmed the stomach.

Maybe I can do a little painting before the people arrive..........


Pam said...

Yes, the dreaded M. It's really painful as well as embarrassing, isn't it? And nowadays there are dark murmurings about it doing more harm than good, which isn't encouraging. But I remember my MIL dying of breast cancer, and it was not a good way to go...

Needled Mom said...

I need to make my m appointment too. Thanks for reminding me!!!

The chili sounds yummy. It's perfect for a cool night.