Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sprechen-ing Deutsch and ski-jumps.........

Hello, and a special welcome to the lovely ladies who comment here - it is such a delight to read your thoughts, and to think of you reading mine too. I wonder, sometimes, about the hundred or so who come and visit most days but leave without chatting. Who, where, why??? Well, I know the where, but not the who. But you are all very welcome, of course!

Today has been a white day. No, not snow, but that is coming tomorrow, I gather from Those Who Know These Things. No. Fog. Pea soup kind of fog. So thick you cannot see anything a few feet ahead of you. (It is still out there.) And I drove my brother-in-law down the mountain for an appointment through this fog. As we set off, I told him that if we went at 2 miles an hour, that would be JUST FINE. However, there was a sensible, well lit landrover ahead, so that made things slightly easier. Hah. We got there and back without mishap, and I even managed to find my way to the shopping centre in search of a replacement for a thing from the innards of the steam cleaner, which gave up the ghost earlier today. (Past children in white cloaks ringing cowbells. I assume in preparation for Sammi Klaus next week.) 

My stick and I marched up to the man at enquiries and asked, in German, if he spoke English. Nein. Ok, Ich sprechen Deutsch, I announced, and then - THEN, I proceeded to tell him the problem, find out that a replacement would take 10 days, discuss guarantees and check out the price of a new one all in German, if you please. I was on a roll. We had a real conversation, and he understood me. I understood him, and I left clutching the name of an emergency repairman if I needed it sooner.

Go, me!

Such an accomplishment, I tell you. AND to top it all, I found my way back to pick up brother-in-law, and we toddled back up the mountain into the white world. Hairpin bends and all.

So I am feeling rather pleased with myself.

AND - there is more - my sister arrived back from her seminar where she had to do a presentation and she hates public speaking with a passion, and she absolutely aced it. The management expert who was training the staff, said that she had set the bar really high. She went first. Well, that was an even greater relief, because I have been her trainer in the evenings, and her presentation was interspersed with the word "BREATHE" in red now and then. I know how hard it was for her, and I am SO proud of her!

She remembered to breathe.

See? More pink poles along the river. The river looks so calm and innocent, doesn't it - it is winter, so up the mountain, it is all snow and not rain. But I remember the devastating floods a few years ago which tore through my sister's house. So I keep an eagle eye on it. On the left is the fence around the Sportshalle, just over the road from my sister's place. And just on the right, is the ski jump.

It doesn't look like much right now, but in just 2 weeks, on the 16th I think, the World Cup Ski  Jumping Championships come to town, and the world will be watching those crazy tiny men whizz down that massive hill, and launch themselves into the air once again. They come every year. Check your TV stations and see if you can watch a little while, imagining my sister's house at the bottom of it all!

The mud, we will ignore. The snow is coming tomorrow, remember. The construction of the stands and tents and all the rest has begun. I have never paid to watch this, understand, I have stood on Marge's balcony and watched for free!
Now, tell me, is this not totally SWISS? Just wait until the snow falls, hopefully before I fly away, because I will show you some more. Let me know if you have had enough!

And the inventories go on. We have 2 more days to finish it all, and then I can breathe. BREATHE. 

I will be back. 


Linds said...

Just a heads, up, my friends - there is a mega problem reading some blogs at the moment. I know others in the UK have the same problem. Vee, I can't load yours, nor Sandra's, Britt Arnhild, Lucy, Crystal, and so many more. The page either freezes totally on the header, or it is just white, and today, it is just white. Frozen. Nothing moves. Nada. Nil. Niks. Nothing. Screech. It is driving me crackers. I love you all, but right now, I can't get to your corners of the universe. I will keep trying, though.

Lindie said...

Linds, I love reading about your days and thoughts! Being one who reads daily and doesn't leave comments (perhaps you've briefly noticed Muskegon or Twin Lake, MI) and not even knowing how I show up to you, my name is Lindie. Don't know how blogs work, except to read them. :) Most call for a Google acct or OpenID, and I have neither, nor am interested in joining such online things.

Will this post show up? Will your comments even accept it? If not, just know you are read, loved like a never-met friend, and very enjoyed!!

Tigger said...

As above really ! Love reading, always enjoy, often left contemplating topics & issues, rarely take the time to comment which is very naughty really. Then again, Tiggers have too much bouncing to do ! TTFN

Linds said...

Tigger and Lindie - hi!! Thanks SO much for leaving some words and never worry about them showing up - I see them just fine. It is always a delight to meet new friends, isn't it, and I am so glad you visit. You are both so kind, and I really am touched by your words. Waving from the Alps!!
Happy bouncing, Tigger!

Isabelle said...

Hello! I usually do comment but posting every day leaves less time to read other people's blogs! I've just had a catch up and enjoyed seeing your lovely photos. It all sounds good!

Stripeyspots said...

I can never get enough of the Switzerland pics. Post as many as you can!

Linda said...

I love it when you take us on a visit to your sister's home Linds. You make it come alive with your pictures and words. Thank you so much.

Vee said...

Oh there's nothing happening in my world. No worries!

Never have too much of seeing your sister's world, and your world, too, depending on the time of year. I find it fascinating! And now that I'm on level 9 of learning German, I find it fascinating that you had a a real conversation where both parties understood the other. Wonderful!

How fun to have some folks leave a comment just to say hello!

The Bookworm said...

Very impressed with the German achievement! And I love the pictures of Switzerland.

retha said...

This sporadic commenter does feels fingered in the crowd ;o) You are so good with words,I mostly have nothing to say except; true, you are right, well said and how do you get to do all that stuff you do. Or the other extreme writing essays in the comments

Such a beautiful place, not being able to go there in body is good to experience it via someone else’s body. Keep showing it.

Congratulations to both the tutor and the student who was so successful at the seminar.

Susan said...

Hello from Zurich - did I ever tell you I found you through my friend Susan Olson? Anyway, I am so impressed with your German. I really am horrible at it, and don't even attempt in Zurich. So many folks understand English. Well done, you!!

I love these photos. Glad to hear the snow is coming. Take care -

Debbie said...

I don't comment very often, but I love reading your posts and seeing all your photos. The photos of your garden and Switzerland are my favorites.

Sandra said...

Are you still having problems with the blogs? I wish I knew what was going on so I could help you fix that.

I LOVE your Switzerland photos, they are truly breathtaking and I always get a tad little jealous LOL

Go you with the German, I would have been in a lot of trouble....

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Oh Linds it looks lovely. Down here we are totally in the fog!!