Sunday, November 04, 2012

Rain, some creativity, and more rain...........

It is raining. It is 2C. It feels like mid winter.

The dogs survived the fireworks, although there was a time when Dougal, the little one, was treating the house as a race track and hurtling around bouncing off furniture and the walls. This was with the TV up loud, all the curtains closed and the CD playing in the kitchen at the same time. Humph just sat calmly next to me and behaved. I do believe the thunder jacket idea which several friends have mentioned would be a good route to follow for future years.

Anyway, about an hour after the big display down at the bottom of the village, over the road and far away, the heavens opened and no-one bothered to go outside and let off any more fireworks. Usually they go off for hours afterwards. So peace reigned, and I could untangle myself from the 8 doggy legs and crochet some stars.

Missy wants stars for her bedroom. "PINK, Moreglanny!!" I had to go and check how I made the last ones. The Grandma Twinkle tutorial is a delight, and so easy to follow. So out came the crochet hook and the balls of wool and off I went. I made quite a lot. About 40 actually. Then I decided that maybe other colours apart from the PINK, yellow and green would be better, so I have unearthed a white, lilac and blue collection to add depth to the string. I will string them on a long line, and then they can go above her bed. Or somewhere. I will need to see how many she needs, but it won't be anywhere near 40+. More like 10 perhaps. There will be an abundance of stars here - a Milky Way.

So this afternoon, as the rain buckets down, the dogs and I will crochet. Well, they will watch me.

My camera is there and I am here, or you would have some photos to go with this post. I will add some tomorrow. Once they are all done and ends woven in, I will pin them to a towel on the floor and starch them with spray starch. And then they will be ready.

I found my old camera so here we are with some photos at least!
A work in progress - I am playing with the little wooden shapes i found yesterday
I just walked through my workshop kitchen, and saw my tomatoes. I need to cook them today or they will have to be thrown out. So I will have to revert to the "kitchen" mode, not the carpentry one. Every surface is covered with stuff to create - anything but food, that is.

See? The counters are covered with non-kitchen stuff. And sawdust. And tools. And more works in progress.
Red and White..... I think they will all be red and white. I love the simplicity.
And even my chair is otherwise occupied. Nothing, may I add, is remotely near the finish stage. Paint the shapes, drill the holes, do the writing, spray varnish them all.....There is a lot still to do. And it takes time, because for some bits, I have to stand, and we don't do a great deal of standing here now, do we. 
Right. I have been to church, we have finished Job, and the word is "humble". So I am wet. And humble. And off to play with the dogs. Have a warm and happy Sunday!


Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like you are in a very creative mode around your house. Isn't a woman's kitchen always suppose to look like that?

The stars will be wonderful for Missy. Good thing she has such a creative Moregranny!!

Enjoy your day with the hook and the rains.

Vee said...

You sent me off and so I have made a chunky white star. This means that that tutorial was very well indeed because I can not follow directions for beans. Thanks! I'll probably make up a star garland for Christmas. Wonder what colors I should use... I know that Missy will love having a star garland across her room to gaze at.

You get so much accomplished that you put me to shame... I am always impressed by what keeping at it can do.

Vee said...

There are missing words above...fill in as necessary. Ai yi yi...

Lynda said...

Just came across your blog and took a quick trip down memory lane as I read your last post about Guy Fawkes night. Was 6 when my family lived in Eynshem, Oxfordshire for a little over a year before moving back to the States. Had a lot of happy memories from that time. Will have to check in again. Be blessed.

Isabelle said...

Oh Linds, you are a wonder.