Monday, November 12, 2012

Inconvenient rain.......

Today is my Mum's birthday. I tell you, they made people remarkably strong and resilient back then. In the 20's. She is a modern day marvel. Marge and I are FAR more frail and doddery than she is, and although her trotting pace has slowed a little, she can move exceptionally fast when she needs to. And she has single handedly made enough crocheted blankets for just about every needy person in town the universe. We just need to distribute them all now. Mountains of them. She absolutely hates being idle, is an authority on all things ...they call her the oracle, and she is a dab hand at scrabble and crosswords too.

All this brilliance should rub off, shouldn't it. Marge and I live in hope. I am persona non grata at this very moment, because I have been going around telling everyone she is a year older than she actually is. Oops. Maths was Marge's forte, not mine.

Anyway. We all love her very much and want her around for a long time yet. Decades.

Happy Birthday, MUM!!!!

It is a grey day. I have all the wooden thingys on boards, waiting to be spray varnished, but that can only be done outside, and the moment I had them all ready, it started raining. Bah. So they are now waiting. And I will finish off the hearts, I think. I have a few more to embroider, and then I will assemble the lot, trim the edges and sew on the ribbon and they will be done. So that will be the effort for today.

Thank you all for your lovely messages yesterday. They lifted my spirits. It was a bad day all round. They happen, don't they? There are times when I seriously feel like Job, not that I am anywhere near as "perfect" as he was supposed to be. Oh well. He survived and flourished and so will I. We. All of us. Survivors. That is what we do.

What the heck is Microsoft Silverlight? I just had a message pop up on the computer suggesting that I may want to upgrade to it. I have never heard of it, and quite frankly, I am not rocking the boat here. Right now this aged computer is working. I am not doing a thing to cause it to expire. Updates do that to it. I do update the anti virus all the time, and it doesn't mind that,. but the system? I think not.

Much later........

The rain did not stop, so the boards still decorate the kitchen. Maybe tomorrow. And I finished the embroidery for the hearts, but then I thought it was at least midnight, it was so dark, but I discovered it was 3pm. I loathe dark afternoons, but I have said that before. I needed natural light to see the marking on the fabric to be able to cut accurately, so that too will have to wait till tomorrow.

And then I burned the bratwurst.

The house is not smelling of my honey and chocolate candles. It is reeking of Eau de Burnt Bratwurst instead, and you do not want that kind of aroma anywhere near you.

So all in all, a stellar day.

I have acquired some PVA glue. I am now going to mix it 50/50 and paint the stars which are still out on the floor. I ran out of starch and glue is much cheaper. This is a trial and error sort of establishment, you see. I will try anything once and keep doing it if it works. The towel they are pinned to may never recover, but then I can christen it the craft towel, can't I. Just remind me that it is the washed out purple one when I stomp around trying to remember which one it was, please. The memory.......


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you lovely Mum! She sounds very much like mine. She is in the process of crocheting little knob covers for fifty doors in a nursing home. After that - quilts for the children in hospitals. They are a wonder, aren't they Linds?

Isabelle said...

Happy birthday, Lindsmum!

I'm so sorry about your sore heart. I hope it mends soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Mum, Linds!

My Mam is also a wonder, still goes dancing once a week and, Like yours, is a real Scrabble fiend!

She even has a Nintendo DS, which she does crosswords on and also draws with it!

Aren't Mams amazing!!

Needled Mom said...

Happy, happy birthday to your dear Mum!!! What a blessing it is to have our mums.

I do hope the rain lets up so you can get out and do that spray painting.

Anonymous said...

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Stripeyspots said...

Like mother, like daughter...

Edith said...

Happy Birthday to your Mum.