Saturday, November 03, 2012

Time for fireworks...................

It is fireworks time, even though it is not the 5th November and Guy Fawkes yet. Tonight is the village bonfire and firework display. So I am on my friend's computer with 2 dogs on my lap. I did say I would post every day!

The firework CD is still playing and it is on loud, and they are quite used to it now, but that makes zero difference when they see lights in the sky and hear bangs outside. And they needed to go out into the garden to relieve themselves, so were a trifle traumatised by that little expedition.

It is going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooong night.

I was up and out early this morning to go to the Women's breakfast at the village church hall. Today the speaker was a delightful lady from Birmingham, who has a jewellery business, and her work has led to a ministry around the world, empowering women otherwise in bondage to start lives of their own. Amazing stuff. And she has started a charity which seems to grow every day as well. It is amazing where life in faith can take you.

So the hall was packed and it was a great way to start the day. Jean and I then headed over to the craft warehouse I told you about. I could not believe that she had never been there before. She has now and was so excited to find all the amazing things for card making etc. I got the pen I needed and some wooden shapes too. Bliss. And some ribbon.

Saturdays can be wonderful days.

It has been so cold, and there has been a biting wind today, but we are warm and toasty here in the dogs' house, and another friend popped round  for coffee this afternoon, and to collect coats for the travellers as they return from 30C temps to our mid winter ones. Annette and her husband are collecting them early on Tuesday morning and then it will be back to normal for me.

This is a really lovely laptop I am working on. I seem to remember encouraging Glynis to buy this model. I was particularly clever, it seems. It is a delight.

Where was I...........

I popped over to Jean's for an early supper. She happened to have a huge pot of chili and I was more than happy to help her dispose of it, but I had to race back to go and drop some things at home and then settle the boys before the bangs and wooshes and crackles started. The TV is up loud. The CD is on. This house is very noisy. |And still Doug is running around the place.

Time for curling up on the couch with them.

If you are in the UK, enjoy the fireworks!


Vee said...

Sounds like a circus and not like a whole lot of fun for the poor dogs. They must be young ones and have not yet gone deaf. Molly doesn't mind loud noises anymore unless they are loud enough to cause vibrations. Then we're in trouble. Yesterday you were corrupting someone with Pinterest knowledge and today you mess up poor Jean with the Craft Warehouse. When will you quit? =)

Lu said...

l don't have a dog but feel very sorry for those who find all the bangs frightening lt used to be just Nov 5 now it seems to go on for about a week

Sandra said...

I remember Guy Fawkes day back in South Africa :)