Monday, November 26, 2012

Little red trains, reflections and inventories..............

The village is ready for the winter season and that means snow. All over the place, on paths in the forest, along the river, round the lake, everywhere, you will see these poles. They indicate the edge of paths for when the snow comes. Believe me, it really arrives in piles. This particular pink topped pole is about my height and I am 5 ft 6 inches in old terms. I may, of course, have started shrinking height wise. The rest of me is resisting all attempts to shrink. 


I have a vision in my head of someone being hired to dip the ends of thousands of poles into pink paint. 

I was trying to be artistic with this photo. Actually, the place is riddled with enormous yellow or red cranes working on building projects, which are ruining my photos. There is one just to the left of this photo which I concealed behind the tree. Now if they painted them green it would be easier for them to blend into the scenery. Or white for when the snow arrives. This is Switzerland. I wonder why they haven't thought of that yet??
I managed to take a photo of this duck before they all took to the water to get away from me. I just love the way it is standing on a tiny rock so it looks almost as if it is standing on the water. 

The little red train has grown up. It now has a very large engine, and is 4 times as long. It also doesn't go on cogs slowly up the mountain. Instead, it snakes its way speedily through a very long tunnel, so you miss all the glorious scenery and the excitement of the cogs, and all in all, I prefer pretty over tunnels. Business interests. Bah. I even suggested that they have maybe 4, even 2 a day winding up the mountain slowly for tourists, and that is out of the question, because they have got rid of some of the track. 

Bigger sigh. 

Progress is sometimes actually going backwards. 

Now, on to reflections. 

I have been noticing the reflections of the mountains in the water as I amble about, and it has become something I look for constantly. There are pools of still water every now and then along the river, and I catch glimpses of the reflections and they are so beautiful I had to share them. 

I just love the bare branches of the trees and their reflections in this one. This was the first one I noticed.


So pretty. Water and shimmery images. 
Today, I have been nowhere and done nothing except help to compile an inventory of epic proportions. In English. It now has to be translated into German. Do you have any idea how many pots, pans, knives, forks, spoons, bowls, trays, mixers, cooking implements, machines, glasses, younameit one can find in a restaurant??????? Zillions, I tell you. Zillions. Tables, chairs, mirrors, cushions, curtains, pictures, cloths, mops, groan. 

Etc etc etc.

Etc etc.


So many things. 

And now I am off to search for some coffee. I use the word "search" loosely, because I know where it is, of course. It just feels like an expedition when one is weary. Search is more "interesting" than "make".

 I am losing the plot. 

It must be caffeine deprivation......


Vee said...

"Progress is sometimes actually going backwards."

Truer words were never spoken! I feel like this nearly every day in my corner. We'll be a third-world nation by the end of next year or sooner.

I think that those poles were dipped in pink paint for Missy. Don't you?

Needled Mom said...

Your pictures from the mountains are always so gorgeous. I am so used to seeing it covered with snow so it is nice to see more of the area.

I hope you found that coffee.

Becky said...

I always look forward to your pictures when you're in Switzerland. It's so incredibly beautiful.

Kelli said...

I love living vicariously through you and see Switzerland. And England. And... and ... and...

Someday, I plan to stay in England. For a good long time.

Near EB maybe ☺

Susan said...

Love your photos of the reflections. Switzerland is beautiful and I am blessed to live here. Sadly not in a village like where you are, but Zurich is pretty nice ;-)

I agree about the trains. But sometimes it's nice to get someplace quickly so you can savor the time once you're there.

for a great cog train ride, have you been up the Rigi?

SoulDragon said...

Fantastic photos, especially the reflections one. And i just love how you write your exact thoughts (that sounds weird-this is what a blog is, in fact, I say to myself!) Great to lift the spirits, so thank you!