Friday, November 30, 2012

The snow stopped.....

Hello from the Alps once again......


The snow has stopped and it is a little warmer (scratch that, I just went outside), so I wonder how long it will last now. I wanted to get photos of the sun shining on the snow,  so I was out quite early, but the cloud hasn't cleared the mountain top just yet. Maybe tomorrow. I will try again then.


Right behind that tall tree in the middle of the picture, is my sister's home. You can't see it here. I am this very minute, looking out of the window at that tall tree. Beautiful does not begin to describe this place. The inside of the house is still in evolutionary phase. Winter and Christmas decorations are being placed everywhere, but we all had an epic fail this morning, when none of us saw the (collective noun) of penguins in the hall. Marge was less than happy with our miserable powers of observation. OH GOOD GRIEF - I just looked up the collective noun for penguins and there are FIVE. What is this world coming to?? Colony, creche, huddle, parcel, rookery. I would say colony. What would you say? 


There is the Benedictine monastery and school. 


The ski jump.That thing is appallingly steep. I think it is the only one built on a real hill - mountain side in Europe. I think. 

Some snow has started slipping already. This was early this morning, so it had nothing to do with temps then, believe me. It must have been weight. 


Waiting for the mountain top to appear. It didn't. Missy's swing is rather packed with snow, and look, Missy, your little house is all snowy too! That is how snowy it got while under cover. 


So there you's helping of Alpine charm. The pathways are lethal at the moment, because all the snow has been scraped off by the enthusiastic snow removal people, who are Rulers Of The Roads here. So I have been tottering about very gingerly. Give me a foot of snow to plod through and I am fine. Ice? Forget it. My stick does have its rubber sock removed now, so the spike helps a little.

I spent a fascinating afternoon drying out a huge ice cream freezer in the garage which had been turned off, and then repacking it with an entire garage full of tupperware and other assorted plastic things. That meant finding lids and matching them all up and then stacking them all back in the chest freezer in a space efficient manner.  Lids are like socks. They seem to multiply and can anyone tell me why, if there is a huge bag of lids hanging up there, we can't find one to fit a large container? 

Ah well. Now it is time to flop into a chair and zone out in front of TV. I can manage that. 


Needled Mom said...

The views are breathtaking. Thank you so much for venturing out to please us with photos.

Susan said...


Anonymous said...

Stunning & breathtaking. Chocolate box photos !
Prefer huddle of penguins myself - much cosier ?

Vee said...

I always found my years of playing Tetris very helpful with such chores as you describe.

How exquisite the world looks there this morning. I suppose that I should have documented our first snowfall, though it is a mere dusting and looks like confectioner's sugar. It hardly makes a dent in covering this ratty old brown.

Kelli said...

Stunning. Simply Stunning.

Isabelle said...

It is indeed really beautiful but brrrrrr. I would love to go to Switzerland in summer. Meanwhile, thank you for the photos and BE CAREFUL when you go out.