Saturday, November 10, 2012


I missed yesterday. Oh well. Maybe I will manage two posts today!

The stars have been finished off, ends sewn in, and the first lot are out on the floor, pinned and starched. Waiting for the starch to dry is taking forever. Maybe a hairdryer (autocorrect and I differ here) would do the trick. Hmmm. Yes, I think I will get it out and see what I can do. 

Jean says I should just use PVA glue watered down - 50/50. I would if I had that amount of glue on hand, but I don't at the moment, so the starching continues. And I wait. But I am busy doing other finishing off things too.


I have painted the little wooden shapes I found at that craft warehouse, and the white tags will have the red shapes on them and the red tags, the white shapes. So as soon as they are dry, the wood glue will emerge from my cupboard and they can be assembled. 

When Peter and Glynis came back from South Africa, they brought me  a bunch of African beaded flowers. They are so beautifully made and the work involved is amazing. They are red and white, so are perfect for the nook area. and that is where they are right now. Christmas with an African touch!

Beautiful work. And it must take ages to get such a perfect flower. What you can't really see is the green under each one, at the top of the stem. Stunning. 

My hands are way too old, too big and too creaky to manage something like intricate beading, much though I would love to give it a try. In African cultures, bead work is a big part of tradition, and some tribes wear the most amazing beading in their clothes and for ornamentation. 

I popped down to the Traidcraft coffee morning earlier, and met up with some old friends there for coffee and walnut cake. Breakfast. That was good. It is a grey day, and damp, so I think I will be spending today making more hearts for that shop, in case they sell the ones they already have there, and they will be extra gifts if I need them for Christmas. 

Now where is my hairdryer..........


Needled Mom said...

Do I sense some impatience there???? LOL I am the same way when working on a project. I use the 50/50 glue on my tatted snowflakes. They say that bugs like starch and I would hate to have my stored winter boxes invaded by bugs.

I love all of your wood pieces. The flowers are amazing too!!

Becky said...

I love to see what you're making, Clever Lady.

Those beaded flowers are absolutely gorgeous!!

Crystal said...

You are such a great crafter - always with a new project on the go! Inspiring me again :) I have some pillowcases and fabric gift bags on the go. And I must bake another pumpkin and make some muffins today. Best get off the internet, me thinks!

Janine said...

Glad that you like the flowers - there was considerable discussion before they were bought!

Edith said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Wow. Wish I could make them.