Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I can't wait for the normal every day Internet to return.......

My crochet hook and I have returned home. I was about to enthusiastically spray starch all my stars when I realised that I have failed to sew all the ends in. Bah. My favourite part of the making process. So the starchy part has to wait. I am at this very moment dithering about whether or not to go to aquazumba. I am creaking a little so maybe I should make the effort. On the other hand......... I am feeling like a slug. I was up at dark 0' clock to get the bed made and all things washed and neatly in place. I managed to do 99%. My pot was still in the dishwasher and I had to retrieve it as I departed.

The travellers are home, and have had a wonderful time in South Africa. I haven't found out just how much sun they have enjoyed, but they arrived home to the first real hard ground frost of the winter, so I was outside warning Glynis not to fall. A few years back, she did just that and broke her wrist a couple of days before Christmas. Not good.

Ah well. Water, here I come. I have a packet of Royal Cream biscuits from SA in my cupboard and I suspect I need to be energetic before I open the box. Prevention, you know.

I will be back in an hour or two.

I am back. And I am glad I went. Exercise is funny like that - you don't want to do it, but the high you feel after an hour is wonderful. I feel saintly.

I have unpacked, cooked, cleaned and now I am ready to flop into the rocking chair and do some of that sewing in of ends. If they get to the starched phase, at least they will be ready to string of hang on the tree or something. You will have more photos to see when I actually do something.

I am rabbiting on here about absolutely nothing. Let me just say that I will OH SO GLAD when today is over, the voting is done and the internet can return to normal function. I opened Facebook this morning and right at the top of the page was a "HAVE YOU VOTED" post, telling me to click on it when I have indeed done so. Huh? Me? In the middle of England?

I think not.

Let some sanity return to the cyber world and talk of Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, Christmas, crochet, the weather and such like rise again. I like normal. Ordinary.

Tomorrow I may make a Christmas cake.


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MotherT said...

I'm glad that Glynnis has returned home safely and that you are back in your home.

If you think you are ready for some normalcy to return to the internet, I wish you could have seen the pile of political mail I have thrown out over the last 2 weeks. I have politely requested people leave my porch before my dog "escapes" and they get bit. I have had some ill-mannered people quiz me over my political preferences and my intended vote. I'm VERY ready for it to end!

Needled Mom said...

Glad you are back home and back to the routine again.