Friday, March 16, 2007

Hair gone

I had my hair cut.

You don't want to know about school and work and lesson plans and meetings and coursework and Red Nose day which means that every child assumes no rules apply and short tempers and exams looming for which I had to provide exam papers and revision plans and ........... forget it. It is Friday night and David is off at a Christian youth weekend, and I have the place to myself.

Did I mention that I had my hair cut? CUT. As in I could have stuffed a pillow with the stuff on the floor. What did you have in mind, she asked. Something different, I said, just not too short. I need to look more awake and not so tired. But I still want to be able to put it up.


I have now got it up in the world's shortest ponytail. Because I always hate what I look like when I leave the hairdresser, and will have to do it myself tomorrow and hopefully it will look more like me, and not like some stranger in the mirror, I will NOT let you see it yet.

It feels weird. I am used to it feeling heavy, and now it is not, and I am a little insecure without it there. A new image? Too late to say I don't want to change, isn't it.


Penless Thoughts said...

Where's the picture, Linds? I got mine permed today. I always want a simple hair cut and style because I'm not one to fuss with it. Wash and run - that's my style.

meggie said...

OMG, I have blogged about this haircutting dilemma before.... cringe...I dont want to revisit very painful (hairless) patches of my life.
Hope it soon grows comfortable again!

Dawn said...

I went back to really short the last time I went in. I love it. It's permed, too. I can't live without a perm because my hair is so lifeless. The style is called a wedge, and it's so easy. I know what you mean, though - my sister has that problem frequently. They don't seem to know what "not too short" meant sometimes. I have the opposite problem, though. My hairdresser of the last 15 years always leaves my top too long, and it grows WAY too fast.

Hair grows. That's one thing we can count on.

Have a blissful week-end of solitude!

Anonymous said...

Oh I was so looking forward to a photograph!!! However I know what you are talking about. Last month my hairdresser had cut her hair into just a very stylish cut...above the jawline...and I thought...oh my...I would like that...I came very close to doing the same as you...but I stopped...I had to continually tell myself how much I like my hair just the way it is....I'm just making fashion mistakes instead ;)

Me said...

Funny thing about hair, it always grows...I went from below the bra-strap to below the chin recently - you get used to it. ;)