Saturday, March 17, 2007

New hair 2

Never say I do not post about mind-stretching, fascinating subjects.


How exciting is that. Well, I sort of curled the ends in a bit so I no longer look as though I have had a fright of epic proportions. Then, I took the new hair out for a test run. I am happy to say the babes recognised me. Their father looked and looked and I said..... I have had more cut off than I anticipated. He said "It will take some getting used to." WRONG answer. But then he is a man after all. As his wife, a sensible and kind friend (with taste) was not in, I went in search of another assessment. Louise opened the door and said...... "I like it." Her husband (after I yelled up the stairs that I needed his opinion on something) appeared and whispered to her "Is it the hair I must notice". 10 out of 10 for observation. He said it was very nice. Groan. Very nice. Hmmm. The jury is still out on this one. I did try to take a photo, but I look deformed when I take my OWN photo. My arms are not long enough and then the neck scrunches up and forget that too.

Oh well, nothing I can do about it. It can grow.

Right. It is warmer today and the sun is shining, and the snow is only expected tomorrow. The house is quiet and I should really be doing the grand clean, but I am not in the mood. I am off to London this evening, to see the Scottish Dance Theatre perform, with some friends. Liz's sister, Janet, is the director and they are absolutely amazing. I have seen them dance a few times before, so this is a real treat!

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday here in England, and for the very first time in 30 years, I will wake to a house with not one of my children home for Mothers Day. David will be back by lunch time, I hasten to add, and no, I am not going into a decline at the thought at all, just making an observation! It will seem strange. The youth club organiser even sent a note apologising to all mothers for removing their children on Mothers Day. I will just expect my son to bring coffee on demand for the afternoon and evening. I am kind like that.

Oh all right then..... here we are. Just ignore scrunched neck and multiple chins. That hair was BELOW my shoulder blades this time yesterday. I am still in shock. And that is not a perfectly arranged hairdo. It is the windswept look after going to get food from the shops in the village.

And you can still see the lump on and above my left eyebrow from the Incident with Door Frames. That is why the eyebrow is such an interesting shape. I am setting a new fashion trend. I have STYLE!


Anonymous said...

Oh how beautiful!!! In my opinion (grin) is the perfect length for you!!!! Truly....not just because that is the length of my hair ;).... I think it shapes your beautiful face perfectly!!!

Morning Glory said...

I love it!! Love it! It's very stylish and you look young. I won't say "younger" because I think you look very youthful in your pictures, anyway. Men just don't like change, I think. Kudos to the male friend who actually said "very nice". That's a mouthful for a man.

It really looks wonderful.

Susie said...

I wouldn't call that short, but then I don't know how long your hair was. Mine is r.e.a.l.l.y short!
Yours looks cute and I love seeing the photo of you. Are you going to use that for your profile?
Mother's Day is a tough one for me every year without my Mom..I can imagine it wouldn't be much fun without your children, but at least one will be back later in the day. Have fun in London! Goodness that sounds so enjoyable!!

Faerylandmom said...

I didn't know you before the cut, but I must say that I like it. It's very flattering for your face shape.

And a note -- I see only one chin. :)

(In case you're wondering, I found you via the Ultimate Blog Party...hope you don't mind my sticking my nose in here.)

Diana Langdon said...

Beautiful mother, just beautiful! It looks wonderful and a very good cut. Am MOST impressed. Mohawk next.

Crystal said...

I like it!! I always wonder when I get my hair cut too - and I always think "it will grow back!" Happy Mothering Day! Ours comes in May.

Diana Langdon said...

Oops. Mothers day. Eek. Forgot. Sorry. NZ mothers day is later. We will celebrate that one this year. I still love you. Oops. Had a youth sleepover and as workin this morning went home at 1am and back at 7am. Knackered. Cut a daffodil from the garden and put it in a vase - you can pretend i picked it. Lots of love xxx

momrn2 said...

I relaly like the new cut! It looks very fashionable and trendy!

Penless Thoughts said...

I agree. Your hair is very stylish and looks very good.

meggie said...

Very nice hair! Last time I got mine cut, my GOM said "She made a bloody mess of it didnt she?"
Lukcily I agreed, but hearing it in public didnt cheer me!

Isabelle said...

It looks lovely. It suits you and it's shiny and healthy-looking too.

Tracey said...

You don't mind if I chuckle, do you? And on my first visit (tsk tsk! How rude...) But your hair looks lovely, as does the rest of you. I can certainly relate, though, to your 'it's just hair, it'll grow' sentiment!

Hungry Hippo said...

I think the new style suits you and it still has quite a lot of length.

Andrew said...

Mom - you look lovely. Happy mothers day too.