Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Off" day with a vengeance

I may have to start another anonymous blog which no-one can track back to me. I can't talk much about school here. So all I will say is that I am mentally and physically exhausted, and that I came within 2 minutes of resigning today. This is a thankless and exhausting job, and the kids are...... well, I am not going there. Is it the right place for me to be right now? I don't know any more. Maybe after a good night's sleep I will see things more clearly. Right now is not a good time. Sometimes there is nothing left to give.

Who day I might even write all about it. But then, no-one would ever believe the things I could tell you.

So I have little exciting news for any of you. I work. I come home. I cook. I work more. I go to bed. And I get up in the morning and do the same thing all over again. Sigh. This is a real whine, isn't it. But, hey, I am allowed off days. This is one, I freely admit. Put up with it.

It has been absolutely freezing here, with winds from the Arctic and sleet, hail and snow showers. It is the wind which is the worst though. Switzerland has had so much snow, and it is not finished falling yet. So what happened to spring then? Winter woolies are the order of the day once again.

Right then, enough of the moping and moaning. I am going to do what any sane and sensible woman would do and go and make some coffee and find some chocolate, and my slippers. And turn up the heating, and grab the remote control and probably fall asleep in front of the TV in a middle-aged fashion. And make a list of all the positive things I can think of. Like being able to pay the bills. And buy the coffee and chocolate. And turn up the heating. And buy a TV license. And pay for broadband. See.... it is working.


Morning Glory said...

Everyone deserves a good rant now and then! Enjoy that coffee and chocolate.

Crystal said...

I'm a teacher too so I think I might have an inkling of what you are feeling. Some days it just all seems like too much, doesn't it? I'll be praying that things improve tomorrow. Chin up - except to eat the chocolate!

Penless Thoughts said...

Oh Linds I could feel your weariness and I'm so sorry. We use to sing a hymn years ago about "Are you weary, are you heavy laden? Bring it to Jesus, bring it to Jesus". So glad the coffee and chocolate's were begining to relieve you some and I'll bet after a good nights sleep you'll be ready to tear in again to what has been laid before you.

Anonymous said...

What age group do you teach??? My daughter often begged me when she was in elementary school to teach there...and now that she is in middle school...I hear the same plea....however....give me college kids anyday!!! I amnot equipped to raise anyone else's youngun' but my own ;) Keeping you in my prayers!!!