Monday, March 19, 2007

Last word on hair

We have had flurries of snow and it is FREEZING. But nothing is settling. Some spring this is!

My kids at school were universally approving of the new image...."Hey, Miss, your hair is WAY cool!" I will point out that by the time my Year 10s arrived, I had perfected the art of starting the lesson by saying..."Right, let's get the hair out of the way first then."

And that is positively my last word on the subject.


Susie said...

Brrr! We had sun today, but I think we may get a few showers tonite.
Glad your hair was a hit!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I just knew the kids would love your hair. And you know kids, they are always brutely honest!

meggie said...

Wow cold!! Luky you! we are having HOT steamy thunderstorms!!
I am currently thinking full shave!

Katherine said...

To the lady who is thinking 'full shave', DON'T DO IT! People tell you it's liberating, and it's just not. When I did it I suddenly realised that I have a prominent nose and am far too lazy about make up, without which I looked like a boy. Didn't I, Auntie Lindsay? Short is great, but shaved is a no no, unless you're seriously beautiful.

His Singer said...

I love the new do!!!

Seriously. It looks as though you had highlights done as well...did you?