Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is here

The sun is shining and the daffodils are all in bloom, and the temperature was 16 degrees C, so I think we can say Spring has arrived! In Switzerland, however, they had a foot of snow yesterday...and that is more than they have had all season. No spring there yet. We don't move to British Summer Time (BST) until the 25th March. This year they have got it right. It is usually on Mothering Sunday (next Sunday) and it has always been a pain missing one hour of sleep on the day mothers are supposed to lie in, have breakfast in bed and be spoilt rotten. Mind you, with David, my only child in residence, away for the weekend, I will be making my own coffee.

It has been a quiet weekend. I could have been at a cabaret last night but decided the head would not cope, so I was in bed early. I still have a headache, and can still see my eyebrow, which is not something I care to see on a daily basis. It seems to be at a rather strange angle over the bump, and I think I last saw something like it in Star Trek. I could be starting a new "style" of my own here. Frowning or laughing is not a good idea either. It hurts!

I did go to a silver wedding celebration this afternoon though, and that was great. Church is always good, and it is just 3 weeks until the Easter holidays! I am really looking forward to the break this year.

Now I have lesson plans to write for this week, so I must stop putting off the evil moment, and get to work. I will be back later.


Linda said...

Oh Linds, I'm sort of chuckling and cringing at the same time. You write so well. Your poor eye sounds very painful. I hope it heals quickly.
Enjoy your day and have a good week. I know how you must be looking forward to a break. Hopefully by then spring will have arrived in Switzerland too.

Linds said...
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